Sean P. Gallagher will share his expertise in the upcoming 2 Days Workshop at Athens Pilates Studio, Adramytiou 31, Nea Smyrni. Join now this exclusive pilates workshop, on 15 – 16 November 2019.

Sean P.Gallagher, BFA, PT, CFT, CPT, is a graduate of Temple University where he received his BFA in Dance and BS in Physical Therapy at the same time. He was also a student Athletic Trainer scholarship recipient for 3 years while at Temple.

Sean P.Gallagher

Sean was awarded the Alumni Fellow Award in 2008 from Temple Universities School of Allied Health for his many accomplishments in the field of Dance Medicine and Physical Therapy.

Sean continues to progress his understanding of the body through training in may other forms of therapy with the goal to provide the performer with the best care. Mr. Gallagher was a modern dancer for 10 years. He is a licensed physical therapist in 2 states and has been a leading practitioner in dance physical therapy for over 32 years.

Sean Gallagher Pilates Workshop in Athens Pilates Studio
Sean P. Gallagher

The New York Pilates Studio®

He is the owner of The New York Pilates Studio® that is the continuation of Joe Pilates original studio business. Using the extensive Pilates archives he developed the first professional Pilates teacher training certification that has been used around the world and is considered the gold standard that all others are based on. He was also instrumental in integrating Authentic Pilates into physical therapy since 1990. Sean has lectured in Pilates all over the world for the past 25 years including Brazil, Australia, Isle of Man, Scotland, England, Canada, Mexico and Spain as well as all over the USA

Mr. Gallagher is also a Feldenkrais practitioner and has studied yoga with B.K.S. Iyengar in India and acupuncture in Korea and Vietnam( where he received acupuncture certification) as well as in the United States and has studied massage in Thailand and the Philippines. He started and developed the physical therapy programs at The Juilliard School, S.U.N.Y Purchase, The Miller Institute for Performing Artists, The Pennsylvania Ballet as well as being the first PT to work with Modern Dance Companies (Paul Taylor, David Parsons and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago), Broadway shows and was the founder and first president of the performing arts special interest group of the Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Performing Arts Physical Therapy

As founder and director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy, Mr. Gallagher and his staff have provided Physical Therapy care at over 165 Broadway shows including these current and upcoming Broadway productions – The Play that Goes Wrong, Phantom of The Opera, Come From Away, Dear Evan Hanson, and Kinky Boots, and Mr. Gallagher has provided his vocal wellness to Patina Miller of Sister Act and Pippin and Tony winner Nina Arianda of Venus in Fur, and Doug Hodges in LaCage.

With over 40 years of dance and physical therapy and Authentic Pilates experience, Mr. Gallagher has developed the most comprehensive injury prevention and self-care program available to performers today. He has a Masters degree in clinical nutrition from Bridgeport University and has training in Macrobiotic counseling from the Kushi Institute in Becket Mass. He has completed work towards his doctorate in physical therapy as well over three years of courses at The Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Mr. Gallagher has been an adjunct professor for anatomy and pilates at the New School University (12 years) and at Marymount Manhattan (4 years) where he also taught Somatics for the dance science program and has been the gross anatomy professor at NYU’s Doctoral Physical Therapy program. He volunteers in his local ambulance service and fire department where he was awarded Fireman of the year award in 2012.

Sean Gallagher Pilates Workshop in Athens Pilates Studio

Pilates 2 Days Workshop

15 & 16 November 2019

Day 1: Friday 15 November 2019

Understanding And Teaching The Body In Front Of You

By Sean P. Gallagher, BFA, PT, CFP, CPT, MS
When: Friday, 15th November, 10:00-17:00
Where: At Athens Pilates Studio, Adramytiou 31, Nea Smyrni

Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a relevant workshop booklet.

To gain a better understanding of how to teach the body in front of you, you must first understand the body.
In this full-day workshop, Sean Gallagher will help you acquire a fuller understanding of the human body, including the natural laws that govern what we can or cannot change through the work of J. Pilates or other exercises. It is a number of mini-workshops in one.

Sean will teach you how to understand imbalances in the skeleton from the “Powerhouse” to the feet, and what modifications are possible. Not all imbalances can be fixed, but you can work with them by adjusting your Pilates practice in a way that still promotes overall symmetry and removes strain.

Most accommodation from imbalances occurs in the feet and hips, therefore placing much of the strain in the knees. By analyzing the anatomy of the lower extremities in relation to the skeleton, Sean explains how proper footwork can set the entire body back into optimal alignment and strengthen it symmetrically without the need for any accommodation that generally increases muscular imbalances.

Sean Gallagher Pilates Workshop in Athens Pilates Studio

What Will I Learn In This Pilates Workshop?

Sean Gallagher will share tricks for determining the exact anatomy of your client’s imbalances and what adjustments need to be made accordingly. You’ll attain a new level of appreciation and respect for the Footwork series and understand why we know it as “the foundation of Pilates”.

  • You will learn how Genetics and Development are integral to understanding some of the foundations of J. Pilates’ system of body conditioning.
  • You will explore the developmental patterns found in the mat and in every apparatus that comes from J.Pilates’ understanding of organic movement. These patterns make his methodology unique in the exercise world, differentiating it from other methods such as bodybuilding.
  • You will look at the dynamic spine and how it changes over a functional life span both with and without Pilates. Compensation will also be addressed in relation to the skeleton and posture and Dynatonic™ muscle Balance, scoliosis, and synergy patterns of movement as integrated into J.Pilates’ workouts.
  • You will learn how the apparatus as J. Pilates invented them provide a progression from open to closed chain kinetics (basic physics) and everything in between. J.Pilates was using this type of movement before there was a science to give it a name. Then you will learn about dynamic muscle action and cortical and subcortical control.

The last part of this workshop will be looking at the powerhouse into the lower and upper extremities. You will learn to use what you explored in the first part of the workshop to appreciate what changes can or cannot be attained through Contrology.

Common body anomalies of the bones will be discussed, as well as how to modify exercises on the apparatus when such anomalies are present. You will thus be equipped to provide the best balance for each client.

Day 2: Saturday 16 November 2019

Workshop DynatonicsTM Self-Care Using Balls And Rollers

Train the trainers seminar

By Sean P. Gallagher, BFA, PT, CFP, CPT, MS
When: Saturday, 16th, November, 10:00-17:00
Where: At Athens Pilates Studio, Adramytiou 31, Nea Smyrni

Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a relevant workshop booklet.

The Workshop Includes

This method is applicable to most Pilates client populations as well as to anyone seeking a healthy preventative care program.

Participants will learn how to teach their clients to use foam rollers and rubber balls to actively release and stretch the dysfunctional myofascial trigger points and fascial planes force transmissions patterns that are endemic in the human structure.  These techniques also facilitate the movement of the fluids in the extremities and torso.

You will learn how to provide specific post-Pilates session exercises to your clients that will help facilitate and enhance the Pilates work that you currently provide.  This form of self-care can also maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of your clients between their sessions. This will also help you manage and self-release your own myofascial/ fluid imbalances and restrictions that may result from teaching Pilates.

Pilates 2 Days Workshop 15 & 16 November with Sean Gallagher

What Will I Learn In This Workshop?

You will discuss the stability/ mobility functional relationships that are required for living a life that can be addressed using foam rollers and trigger point balls.

This workshop provides a way to incorporate the changes that can be helpful in supporting a Pilates practice to enhance and support the body and maintain it in the steady-state of optimum function by allowing a dynamic reciprocal balance.

This balance permits the body to function with ease when the demands are made on the physiological activity of the musculoskeletal system. It also provides a way to maintain a dynamic posture and decrease stress relationships of all body parts.

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Registrations Will Be Open Until 14th November 2019.

Feel free to contact the workshop’s organizer (Maria Vorrias) for any further information at

Pilates Workshop in Athens Pilates Studio by Maria Vorrias

The 2 Days Workshop is powered by Sean P. Gallagher and is hosted by Maria Vorrias, at Athens Pilates Studio.

Learn more about Maria Vorrias here

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