Halloween and horror stories go together like horse and carriage. On the occasion of the day, content creators and copywriters have a bunch of horror stories to share. This is my Horror Story:

Every Copywriter and Content Creator has at least one horror story of a crazy and sometimes even illegal client request. Six months ago, one client asked me something that made me spit out my coffee and stare at my laptop in horror. The client requested to copy his top competitor’s website in order to steal all their clients.

Of course, I refused. And fired this client.

The horror story began a month later when I saw this “fake” website online with my name in the credits area. It took me over 30 days to apply all the legal procedures and finally remove my name from this hostile (and illegal) marketing approach.

In our line of work, strange incidents like this happen and it’s comforting to know that you are not the only one dealing with terrible clients. After 22 years in the field of Digital Marketing and SEO Copywriting, I had my share of angry and ridiculous clients’ requests but that one was the absolute winner.

Feel free to share your “Halloween” horror story in the comments.
(Have in mind, that we will add your story to this article!)

Halloween Copywriting Horror Stories

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