Dimitris Katris

Fashion has a huge impact on our culture as well as in our everyday life. It has a very strong impact on the social culture. As a matter of fact, as the fashion industry is changing, it also influences the frame and code of our thoughts inside the society we live in.

It also influences how we communicate or how we determine the most popular trends. It shapes the way we combine fabrics, colors, the way we travel, the way we communicate or work. Fashion in the long term is forming the way we live, in the most unexpected details.

Dimitris Katris Interview about Atelier Tsourani Wedding Dresses

The effect of Fashion in our life gives us the benefit of trying something new. Through fashion, we are able to re-establish new options of ourselves. A very good example are celebrities. They collaborate with famous fashion designers in order to build their personal sense of style. They pay a lot of money to have the best result and they aim very high. Celebrities want to be recognized as fashion icons and they invest time & energy so they can close better marketings or business deals later on.

Dimitris Katris Interview

Today we will meet one new voice in the Wedding Fashion Industry, the General Manager and Co-Owner of Atelier Tsourani, Dimitris Katris.


Questions & Answers

Dimitris said:

What’s your favorite social media network, and why?

Facebook for the present time*. If you know how to use facebook you can understand people’s interests, their way of thinking and the quality of the community. An additional reason is that there is an opportunity to promote effectively and efficiently our products and our brand Atelier Tsourani.

*The reason is that I am not very familiar with the rest of social networks. Not even once.


How many hours per day do you use the internet?

I use the internet for 3 hours daily (except weekends which I avoid to use it).


How many hours per day do you use social media?

I use social media for about 1-2 hours daily. I am focusing mainly on learning new techniques for establishing a strong brand awareness for my business.(except weekends which I avoid to use them).

Dimitris Katris Interview about Atelier Tsourani Wedding Dresses

What is your job? What do you do for a living?

Although I have started from a different industry, now I am the owner and General Director of Atelier Tsourani. The company runs a physical store which is located in Athens, Greece and also we have started our e-commerce retail steps. Atelier Tsourani is famous for their bespoke fashion collections including tailor-made cocktail and wedding dresses.




What do you find appealing in social media?

It is very interesting that according to the settings of your account you can use it to learn new things or news on different topics of interest.


Name one thing that you dislike in social media.

It hits on my nerves when people misuse social media with inappropriate content or statements of hate speech.

Dimitris Katris Interview about Atelier Tsourani Wedding Dresses


How has social media influenced the way you do business?

It has added new marketing practices and the ability to have direct access to them have changed the way we all do business. Today a business owner can run advertising campaigns on budget and have the total control over the communication with the end client. This is huge!

We can upload photos and content or our own marketing strategy bu using only one button, the “publish” or “post”. We are free to try anything that works for our business or even terminated with no limitations.

The internet and social media are very useful marketing tools. They reduce time of the market research you have to make and give you the best price offer. They also make market research easy, from the comfort chair of your office.


Is there something that you would like to learn more about it, regarding social media or digital marketing?

The truth is that I would like to learn more about digital marketing best practices. Especially,  how to create and apply a successful promoting strategy for our branding fashion products.


Which people you believe are the most influential in the social media?

Celebrities from show business, sports, fashion and art are very influential. But the size of influence depends on the market and on what you want to sell.

If you want to sell expensive luxurious products then you can use a different type of marketing approach. With or without well known, recognizable personas.

Dimitris Katris Interview about Atelier Tsourani Wedding Dresses


When was the last time you learned something new through the use of social media?

All the time. R&D Departments of all social media companies they are doing their best to have us occupied with new operations or tools to learn.


What do you do during your free time? Do you forget to check your mobile phone?

Sports, squash, running, gym, reading, driving, swimming can really make forget to check my mobile phone!


Can you name 3 books that you absolutely adore?

I cannot be absolute for anything but I can name topics that I like and 1 book which I believe it is useful. The book is The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, and the topics are the Greek mythology and nature in general.


What advise would you give to yourself when you were 16 years old?

I would advise my 16 years old self to leave Greece during the 90’s, study something (that is not necessary now to mention) and return to Greece in 2025 to get involved with land cultivation, agriculture etc

Dimitris Katris Interview about Atelier Tsourani Wedding Dresses

What is your favorite quote?

“Never quit, DO NOT QUIT”


So, what’s your life story in a summary?

I am the owner and General Director of Atelier Tsourani. The company runs a physical store which is located in Athens, Greece and also we have started our e-commerce retail steps. Atelier Tsourani is famous for their bespoke fashion collections including tailor-made cocktail and wedding dresses.

I am into sports, squash, running, gym, reading, driving, swimming can and they can really make forget to check my mobile phone! But I spend 1-3 hours during working days for social media and digital marketing activities regarding the company brand awareness.

You can enjoy our fashion collections at www.tsourani.gr and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Join us now!

Dimitris Katris Tsourani Atelier Interview


Get into Your Shoes

Now it is your turn to ask me one interview question. What question do you have for me?

D.K.: How can I improve the SEO of my digital assets?

To improve your SEO and skyrocket your blog or website you should do the following every month:

  1. Market research.
  2. Keywords research.
  3. Competitors research. Make a list of your top competitors in SERPs.
  4. In different countries/languages research.
  5. Niche research.
  6. Data gathering.
  7. Insert the data into your strategy and content.
  8. What is the current status of your blog or website? Check once a month.
  9. Add clearly your business information: name, address, telephone number, opening hours, email etc.
  10. Activate Google Analytics or website analytics tools.
  11. Crawl your blog or website with a pro tool like seositecheckup.com
  12. Google your blog or website. Where do you find it? If there are healthy links referring to your blog or website consider to use them.
  13. Submit your blog or website in Google Webmasters tools. Manage search console issues through their panel.
  14. Submit your blog’s or website’s sitemap.
  15. Check for crawl errors (via  Google Webmasters tools).
  16. Add SSL certificate.
  17. Also, submit your blog or website in Bing and Yandex Webmasters tools. Manage search console issues through their panel.
  18. Use Google Keyword Planner.
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  20. Check every week the status of all the above.
  21. Create a clean and friendly to the eye architecture/structure on your blog or website.
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  25. Fix all issues that found in Webmaster tools. (Always)
  26. Avoid graphic noise or unbalanced design.
  27. Trust an expert in design about what works better.
  28. Use basic graphic design rules.
  29. Keep your blog or website as simple as possible.
  30. Add Robots.txt files. If you don’t know how to use them, hire a professional.
  31. Use Canonicalization
  32. If you are not using Yoast then you should consider starting using!
  33. Add or fix ALL meta Tags.
  34. Titles are very important. Must attract the visitor’s attention and include the main keywords.
  35. Equally important is the use of Headings in your content. Use one Heading 1, one Heading 2, a few (2-5) Heading 3 and with no limits for Headings 4, 5, 6, etc. Not having Headings is a self-destructive strategy for SEO. Headings 1 + 2 must include the main keywords.
  36. The main keywords must appear in the first paragraph of your copy.
  37. The main keywords must appear in your image files (description, alt text, image file name).
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  40. Before you publish something, add the appropriate category and tags. Prefer up to 2 – 4 categories and up to 6 tags.
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  47. Use different types of media. There are several options out there! Like infographics, slideshows, videos, quotes, quizzes, surveys, gifs, animated videos, excellent quality photographs, podcast, tutorials, PDFs, digital seminars or workshops, ebooks, guides etc
  48. There is only one option for quality standards for media: the best.
  49. Optimize size for your media files.
  50. Use of Schema markup within your content. If all this sounds like Chinese to you, then read more about Schema in this article.

And these are only the top 50 must do actions. If you want to read the full SEO checklist then visit this article here>>

SEO checklist by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Photo credits:

  • Cover photo and all wedding theme ones are from the PicJumbo. Visit their portfolio and buy them a coffee.
  • Photos from the website Tsourani are from their fashion collections.
  • The rest are from Ideadeco visual library.

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