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It is so inspiring to meet people that are exceptional in their business field. Monika Kritikou is a dedicated and famous wedding photographer and although she is located in Greece, you will find her all over the world.

Some days ago, I saw on her website Fiorello Photography a photography theme about Grooms. At first, it was only curiosity that made me click and read the article. I am so happy that curiosity has never killed the cat inside me! Finally, someone gave voice to the Grooms of this world. All my male friends believe that no one noticed them when they stand next to their brides. Now it is time to prove them wrong!


Grooms Beauty

Tell us Monika, how you got this idea of bringing forward the Grooms Side of Marriage.

M: We had many topics on the table with my team but this particular one was at the top of our list. So we decide to go for it! It is true that brides get all the attention, but let’s be honest… It takes two people to tango and to get married, right? 


What was the most significant detail that changed the way you see grooms?

M: Well, it is the silent power and what they are ready to do for their bride!  To my surprise, I have seen many grooms, handling their anxiety in silence and with a tremendous stamina. Grooms are human beings with real emotions, that may have moments of cold feet or stage fright, just like brides.

Few people notice a groom’s shaking hand or a glance full of agony but wedding photographers see everything. The photographer is the alter ego of the silent moments. Each click works like an unveiling formula of the deepest corners of a person’s mind. Wedding photography is partly fine art and partly documentary photography. That’s why wedding photography sessions are so personal.


Do you believe, that women give room to their grooms?

M: Yes, I believe that most brides give room to a groom’s point of view. I would like to add that weddings are a celebration of love and mutual acceptance. And not too far from today, a wedding needed braveheart men to happen.

Do you think that weddings were always so glamorous as they are nowadays? For a bride to stand next to her future husband, could have been the most dangerous moment of her life. Grooms had their brides, on their left side, in order to protect the Lady from any attacks, even during the actual wedding ceremony.

Grooms kept their precious love on their left side, next to their heart and had their right hand at the top of their sword, ready to fight for her and protect her from an offender. For hundreds of years, “marriages by capture”  was a dreadful nightmare for all brides-to-be.

You may say, that times have changed but wedding traditions are built on real needs and historical facts that have shaped the way we do weddings today. Now, look at your Groom with a different eye. He is ready to give you his heart and offer his masculine power to protect you, with no second thought.


What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I will have a week free to enjoy with my family during August but all the weeks until the end of the year is fully booked with wedding photography sessions & wedding editorials in Greece, Italy, France, Cyprus and a couple of photography projects out of Europe. 

I am driven by love for beauty and real emotions. Being an active storytelling wedding photographer for more than 10 years keeps me always on the road for photography adventures. 

Now I am accepting bookings for  📷  2019 photography projects! Jump into my website, contact us and save the date to get my camera on your big day.

Specialties: Wedding Photography, Personal Photography, Couples Photography, Boudoir Photography, Portrait Photography, Editorial Photography, VIP Photography, Film Photography

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