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+ Public Relations Specialist Ariadne Nikaki

Hire Pro Digital Help

Did you know that are many agencies out there that can be hired by the hour or day or week or month? That’s right! Hire pro help and enjoy carefree vacations. You tell them what you need and they do all the work for you.

+ Οδηγός και Συμβουλές SEO από την Αρετή Βάσσου

Οδηγός SEO

Η Στρατηγική Ψηφιακού Μάρκετινγκ είναι πολύ σημαντική για την επιτυχία του SEO καθώς αποτελεί την ραχοκοκαλιά του ψηφιακού business plan. Στις επιχειρήσεις δεν υπάρχει χώρος για παρορμητικές κινήσεις ή σπασμωδικές αντιδράσεις. Σε βάθος χρόνου, η οργάνωση και η πρόβλεψη ανταμείβουν πλουσιοπάροχα τον ιδιοκτήτη του website.


What is Email Marketing?

Every time we send an email to a person, we activate certain reactions according to the content and goals of our message. In general, Email Marketing is the strategy, plan and all actions regarding the intention of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

Athens 10th WordPress Meetup

To 10ο WordPress Meetup ολοκληρώθηκε με επιτυχία στο φιλόξενο χώρο του INNOVATHENS. Η θεματική είχε πολύ ενδιαφέρον και η προσέλευση του κόσμου ξεπέρασε κάθε προσδοκία.

Έμπειροι και καταξιωμένοι Νομικοί μας έδωσαν τα φώτα τους για ζητήματα που απασχολούν συχνά τους ιδιοκτήτες όλων των websites ή blogs.

+ Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

I am planning a new summer art project that involves Gaudi technique and will need a lot of tiles. In case you have one or two tiles that you don’t need and you are about to throw them away, instead send it over to us under the name Gaudi Backyard Summer Project.

+ Wordpress Tips

WordPress Tips

Readers doesn’t like messy homepage. Choose a tidy and with minimum “digital noise” theme for your website. Because first impression counts, a lot!

+ Research and reviews on leading development, design and marketing firms

Clutch – B2B Research & Reviews

Find top firms for your next big project with the help of Clutch. Research and reviews on leading development, design and marketing firms by


Stick to your Goal Apps

We all set goals at the beginning of the year and we all need a supportive voice to help us achieve them. Whether our aim is to get started on a new project or want to lose weight or learn a new skill, most of the times, we face a true challenge to stick to our goals.

So digital help is here to lift our will up! Several and quite amazing apps they promise to support you from step 1 until the finish line. Have a look, try them and let the change to gain space into your life.

New Year Resolutions Ideas

How Words Affect our Life.
The human brain has evolved over six millions years. The most primitive parts of our brain operate at a deeply unconscious level, and influence a great deal more of our conscious behavior than most of us realize. As we added more complex structures to support critical thought, reasoning, language, and social behavior, our frontal lobe grew larger to accommodate a great workload. However, this part of the brain continues to be cross-wired with the more primitive structures that support survival. This is a simplified explanation of why a dispute at work can generate a “fight or flight” response when our physical survival is not even remotely threatened.

The Power of Seduction

Digital Marketing Experts & Luxury Brands Are Re-Discovering The Fine Art Of Seduction

+ iBeacon Technology

iBeacon Technology

iBeacon uses Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing in order to transmit a universally unique identifier that it is picked up by a compatible app

+ Επειδή όμως η αγένεια δεν έχει επιπτώσεις, έφτασε να γίνει δεύτερη φύση στην ελληνική κοινωνία σε τέτοιο βαθμό, που συχνά όταν αντιδράς και οριοθετείς τα προσχήματα καταλήγεις να είσαι εσύ ο «γερο-παράξενος» της ιστορίας!

Μαγκιά είναι να είσαι ευγενής!

Oταν αντιδράς και οριοθετείς τα προσχήματα καταλήγεις να είσαι εσύ ο «γερο-παράξενος» της ιστορίας!