How to enjoy Summer

Step 1: Set your Priorities

Accept that is way more important to take a break from your everyday routine. Your mental and physical health should be your main concern. Not to mention that quality time with your family is what makes life worth living.

Step 2: Automation

Buffer can become your personal digital assistant during Summer vacations. You can subscribe for one month and set a detailed everyday posting program for almost all your social media channels. Is like having your own personal digital agency working for you, while you are out swimming in the big blue sea. It is an easy to use social media management platform with friendly prices. Read more…

Step 3: Calendar

Write down your content calendar and organize in advance all related digital actions. What, when, where and how often your posts will be published. Of course, you will have to spend 1 hour every day to respond to comments or any questions. But if you want to avoid even this 1 hour, then read the next step.

Step 4: Hire Pro Help

Did you know that are many agencies out there that can be hired by the hour or day or week or month? That’s right! Hire pro help and enjoy carefree vacations. You tell them what you need and they will do all the work for you. The most important factor is that they can handle any emerging crisis on the spot. How great is that?


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