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Autumn is already in the city and the golden leaves on the trees have setup the perfect scenery. Warm coffee on the table while listening to Sinatra’s voice at the back singing “My way…”. Fall in the city of Athens looks like a fairytale!

This month’s  interview is dedicated to Ariadne Nikaki.

She is a well-known PR Expert in Greece with many accomplishments in her resume. Let’s hear her voice, shall we?

September 2017

Ariadni Nikaki Interview


1.   What’s your favorite song?

My favorite song is : “I did it my way!!!” by Frank Sinatra. It inspires me so much!




2.   What was the last gift you gave someone?

The last gift I gave was a birthday gift to my partner (it was a bag).



3.   What’s your favorite social media network, and why?

My favorite social media network is Facebook because I can find everyone there!!!


I love facebook




4.   When have you been most satisfied in your life?

I am really satisfied every day. The fact that I am alive and being surrounded by wonderful people gives me this warm feeling of peaceful happiness!




5.    How lucky are you and why?

I am lucky enough because I am alive and as I said I have wonderful people around me!




6.    What inspires you?

People inspire me! The most exciting thing is their behavior. Everyone is an inspiration if you pay attention!




7.    Who do you admire, and why?

I admire people that never give up, whatever happens, whatever it takes.


Ariadne Nikaki Interview




8.    Which idea has made you look twice?

To be fair with people makes me look twice.




9.     What would you do if you knew you were going to die in 6 months?

Exactly what I did when they told me that, two years ago. I found a way to get well and to survive.




10.  What things you do not like to do?

I don’t like to socialize with negative people.




11.   How honest are you?

I am pretty honest and I tell lies only on special occasions.




12.  Which people you believe are the most influential?

I believe that people with a strong personality are the most influential ones.




13.  Name one thing that you dislike about social media.

I dislike gossiping inside social media (and in real life).




14.  What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

A bird decided to take a rest and just sit still on my head for a while.


Ariadne Nikaki Interview




15.  How do you evaluate success?

Success for me is that state of being happy and doing exactly what you like!




16.  What’s your “superpower”?

My superpower is my smile.




17.   For what are you proud of?

I am proud for my reliability.




18.  When was the last time you learned something new?

I learned something new one minute ago, life is a continuous school…




19.  What do you do during your free time?

During my free time, I love to read books.






20. Can you name 3 books that you absolutely adore?

The books I absolutely adore are:

  • The sky’s the limit, Wayne Dyer
  • Askitiki, Nikos Kazantzakis
  • The Prince, Machiavelli




21.  What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Every morning gets me out of bed the fact that I have so much to do!




22. If money was not an issue, what would be different in your life?

If money wasn’t an issue, I would spend more time reading philosophy.




23. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is red.





24. What do you find appealing about social media?

The whole world is there, social media bring people together and you can do business also.




25. When you enter a room do you feel like you own it?

Yes, for sure!




26. How would you describe yourself in one word?





27.  What would someone who doesn’t like you say about you?

You should ask him or her and then let me know.




28. Where do you think you will be after 25 years?

I think I will be in long time holidays… wishful thinking!




29. What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is: “Never give up”


Never give up




30. What is your job? What do you do for a living?

I am an Expert at Public Relations & Events – Mentoring – Personal & Business Development.




31.  How many hours per day do you use the internet?

I am using the internet all day and night, I am not connected only when I sleep.




32. How many hours per week do you work?

I work 70 hours per week.




33. What was the most interesting moment in your life, the last 6 months?

There are so many! It is difficult to choose only one!




Ariadne Nikaki Interview



34. So, what’s your story in a nutshell?

I am a very social and positive person, I appreciate life and enjoy every moment of it.

I am highly skilled and talented expert at public relations, with more than twenty years of demonstrated success in personal and business development,  improving the brand image of a firm, accomplished through planning, designing and implementing strategies, initiatives, creative campaigns, and PR events, conferences, exhibitions, etc

My company can provide high-quality PR services at Public Relations, Branding, Reputation Management, Media Relations, Image Making, “BrandYou”, Events, etc

Specialized on events about:
• Medical Tourism
• Medical Sector
• Food & Wine Industry (Exhibitions, Tastings, Communication)
• New Business
• Corporate Events
• Cosmetics
• Networking


Feel free to reach out Ariadne Nikaki PR company for your next event at:

Ariadne Nikaki
Managing Director 


Connect with Ariadne Nikaki PR at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.



Get into my shoes


35. What question do you have for me?


Ariadne: What is your secret that makes you so wonderful?


Ideadeco – Areti Vassou: Ooops… this question make me blush like a cherry! Give me a minute to think about it … … … Well if you see this quality in me, thank you for that. Actually there is no secret behind this positive element that you mention. I just see the beauty and kindness inside every person I meet, no matter who they are or what they do. I see deep in their soul and I am willing to hear their story. I am open to life and people. So, most of the times people tend to like and trust me. There… now you know my secret!


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