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It’s no secret that Digital Marketing Strategy is my passion. But I am also a word lover since childhood. So most probably, you will find me either reading or writing something every single day. Due to the fact that business copywriting is an over full-time responsibility and most of my clients want fresh content every day, my hours are 60% dedicated to content creation.

I published 3.650 new website+blog posts throughout 2017. And … 14.650 original social media posts. At the same time, I was actively blogging on different platforms such as Medium, Pulse, Quora etc

Won’t get into the trouble to count the day-in-day-out digital community communication (comments, answers, groups interaction, emails) for all client’s accounts and my personal ones. Limitless… countless… and surprisingly very productive!

Areti Vassou Ideadeco Statistics 2017

Get a good look at this: 1.825.000 words were typed and published by my hands. Quite a number, right?

Websites+Blogs words: 1.825.000
Social Media words: 735.500
Writing on demand (white paper) + newspapers: 15.000
Extras: copywriting in 4 different languages – English, Greek, French, Italian
Digital Strategy Plans (I do not dare to count these hours)
New book in progress: 127.500 words

Areti Vassou -  Ideadeco 2017 Statistics

My Struggle

None of the above would be possible without the support of my family and my excellent working team. I am really grateful that I was lucky enough to have so loving and thoughtful people around me.

Allow me this post to support all people out there, that are fighting dyslexia like me since childhood. My life story and all the accomplishments, that today are part of my life, is a living proof that even with all odds against a person’s potential there is absolutely nothing that he/she can’t reach and conquer.

My teachers and almost all doctors used to advise my parents not to expect anything great from me due to my severe dyslexia issue. “This child is destined to wash cars or clean houses. Is literally incapable to write even her name correctly. This child is a lost cause. Will never learn to use words properly.”

My name is Areti Vassou and despite my struggle with dyslexia – since the first day I learned to use words – today and 1.825.000 words later (only for the year 2017), I am in the position to be able to shout out loud to everyone:

You can do anything you want in life!

Commit yourself and keep trying!


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Special Thank you Notes

Grammarly App is my digital angel and all published dictionaries are my safe place. It may takes me twice as much time to write each paragraph, but I do write and speak 6 languages. All Infographics made with Canva.

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