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When the social media footprint of a company is expanding, it comes a point where they face the need of an experienced Social Media Manager.

Kryptton Team is consisted by highly motivated, creative people with passion for connecting with your current and future customers. Our team is ready for the responsibilities of this demanding service:  creation and repurposing of digital content for social platforms, and the grow for your total social audience as well as engagement.

Kryptton Team  work perfectly and closely with your company’s eitorial, creative and growth leads. We thrive in startup environments and we love to play an integral part in shaping a new venture in digital media, engaging new audiences and helping shape new video and editorial concepts that can live in/on various places/spaces.

Social Media Manager

What Kryptton Social Media Managers Do


  • Create innovative and engaging social content for all platforms using preexisting/newly developed assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest etc)
  • Create and utilize established best practices, publishing content (articles, video, mixed-media) to social channels and on-site
  • Create, build and connect  audience and brand awareness across current and new platforms
  • Create a mix of daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal social campaigns


  • Contribute as a thought leader on social landscape, best practices, and cultural happenings on all platforms digital


  • Establish best practices on how to optimize video content across social platforms (e.g. Time of day, naming conventions, posting cadence)


  • Monitor the social web, generating performance reports, making tactical decisions, and helping develop story angles based on our own content performance (using Facebook insights, Twitter Analytics, other social listening aggregators, etc.)


  • Work with Creative teams to develop a unique visual style
  • Work closely with content editors in generating and shaping new features, social tones and storytelling posts
  • Work with writers, producers, video editors, to package and distribute brand-appropriate content


  •  Report and understand on the competitive landscape in your industry
  • Report , use and recommend possible tools / vendor services for better data reporting and posting efficiency

What extras do Kryptton SMM have?

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Social Media Manager

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