How Internet of Things (IoT) has establish its presence into our every day life. We live into a connected world.

Soon, everything and almost everyone will be connected through the Internet of Everything (IoE), aka the Internet of Things (IoT). Up today 10 billion “things” are currently connected online. And as it seems, possibilities for increased connectivity are rapidly growing every day. The IoT already connects devices, people, cities and even Healthcare Industry.

Big Data and Cloud Computing are major factors in the sense of analysis and data storage.

IoT Internet of Things Infographic


Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things is all the list of medical devices and applications that connect to healthcare IT systems through online computer networks. Only if the medical devices are equipped with Wi-Fi, can support the machine-to-machine communication, which is the core of IoMT. A common use include remote patient monitoring of people with chronic or long-term conditions; which can send information to caregivers. Continue reading…

Find more about integration between medical devices at

How the Internet of Things has Changed Our Lives

The Internet of Things (IoT) is like the air: It is so universal that it tends to be overlooked. But the reality of the IoT, and the machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors that are its heart and soul, is that it is transforming much of what we do and how we do it. Continue reading…


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