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No one likes a website that takes time to load – not users and surely, not Google or any other search engine. If you’re dependent on Google to bring traffic to your site, it’s extremely important that your website loads blazing fast. Here’s how you can benefit from a fast loading WordPress website:

  • It’ll fetch a higher ranking in Google search results.
  • It increases your conversions.
  • Fast websites also translate into longer user engagement time.

Why is speed such a big deal for your WordPress website (and any other website)? Well, Google’s guiding principle while ranking websites is to direct visitors to websites that offer a great User Experience. And Google counts site loading speed as a major factor contributing to positive User Experience.

So how fast is fast-loading?
While there’s no fixed benchmark, it’s ideal if a website loads instantly, with no wait time at all.

Take a quick test to check how fast your website is. We’re guessing that your test result leaves room for improvement.

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WordPress Performance Optimization

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Who is FixMyWP?

The master mind behind this state-of-the-art wordpress support company is Makis Mourelatos, CEO & Founder FixMyWP.com

Wordpress Support Ninja: Makis Mourelatos, CEO & Founder FixMyWP.com

WordPress Support FixMyWP.com

Whos is Makis Mourelatos

A Social Engineer by nature.

Makis Mourelatos, CEO & Founder FixMyWP.com

Makis Mourelatos, CEO & Founder FixMyWP.com

Support is second nature to me. Helping people and giving back is my everyday goal, its also a strong motive for self improvement. I was professionally born through our local (Athens) Joomla community, then jumped into WordPress and been there ever since.


Humans and relationships matter the most for me, everything else are(should be) tools to improve those two.


Find more about FixMyWp and Makis Mourelatos:

Have you read his interview at IdeaDeco? Have a look and get inspired HERE

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