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Most of us, digital experts or not, are using social media on a daily basis. It would be very interesting to hear people’s point of view about their favorite social media network and their reasons for their choice.


Which is your top social media?

Having a soft spot for one social media network comes to certain things that probably have built this preference. Right? In my case, the following questions/requirements are the most important.

  • Why do you prefer it over the other ones?
  • What do you dislike about social media?
  • What makes it so special to you?
  • What do you gain by using it?
  • How many hours you dedicate every day?
  • Has it changed your life?
  • If it has, in what way?
  • If you are offline and suddenly you get a strong signal, which one do you check first?
  • Where do you seek for trustworthy information regarding breaking news?


What is your favorite social media network

Digital Experts Opinion


FixMyWP website

Makis Mourelatos, CEO & Founder of FixMyWp:


Twitter is my favorite one, even though I don’t use it enough I feel it’s the more social of them all. And is the first one that I check. In general, I like the “social” part but I dislike the “media” one. And to be brutally honest, I don’t find social media appealing at all. I use internet and party social media 24h minus the time I am sleeping. You see, my occupation keeps me online 24/7 as I fix websites and do all the digital dirty work that others don’t want to deal with. My job is to make others job easier and safer. So in a way, this is how it has changed my life. It is part of my living. Read more about Makis Mourelatos at his interview.





Pinelopi Kyriazi, Founder of Vegetarian blog Maninio:


I really love Instagram, not for the personal exposure, but for the people’s ideas, great photography and endless inspiration. What I love about social media are people’s ideas and creativity. One thing that I dislike about social media is the long hours on the internet. I spend approximately 5-6 hours per day on the internet and social media. Well, I am a Mechanical Engineer and in the same time, Food & Travel Blogger. I am a new bee to the Food and Travel blogging though. Due to blogging and my decision to make this new digital step, social media is an essential part of this huge change. Therefore yes, I admit that social media has changed a part of my life. Most of the times I check my facebook business page, as my blog’s followers send me several messages. Everyday communication with my community is an ongoing activity. Read more about Pinelopi Kyriazi at her interview.




Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Fashion Stylist


Chrysanthi Kosmatou, Fashion Stylist and Founder of :


My favorite social media network is Facebook because for me It is interactive. I can post an article, a photo, share posts from other pages that I like, receive comments of my readers. It is about positive communication and this is something that I really like. For me, social media is my way to express what I do really like about fashion. What inspires me and reveal my creative working reality. What I dislike about social media is when people are getting unpolite with their comments or photos. Due to my job I use internet and social media almost every day for about 4 hours. Read more about Chrysanthi Kosmatou at her interview.




Ast Products Asteris Asteriou


Asterios Asteriou, Pharmacist and Founder of Ast Products No Ordinary Soaps:


My favorite social media is Pinterest because it’s full of many new ideas to make!… The only thing that I find appealing about social media is the opportunity to promote my handmade soaps and body products.  But I dislike the (un)privacy policy of social media. My digital assets (my website) and all my digital projects keep me online active for 3-4 hours per day. The first thing I check is my facebook business page and then my e-shop’s incoming messages because usually, clients prefer to place their orders there. Read more about Asterios Asteriou at his interview.





Ariadne Nikaki Interview


Ariadne Nikaki, Event & PR Expert and Founder of Ariadne Nikaki PR:


My favorite social media network is Facebook because I can find everyone there!!! What I like most about social media is that the whole world is there. Social media bring people together and you can do business also. I dislike gossiping inside social media (and in real life). My work is related to internet and social media, therefore I am using them all day and night, I am not connected only when I sleep. Being social media active due to my job, has changed the traditional way of communication with people. The first thing I check are my emails and after that all the rest. Read more about Ariadne Nikaki at her interview.



Feel free to share your favorite social media in the comments section.

We would love to hear from you anything that is related to this topic.



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