What is Growth Hacking Marketing?

When rapid development and immediate marketing success are the main goals of a project, then Growth Hacking Experts get in the game. Think of them like a League of Robin Hoods that actually “borrow” knowledge and expertise from fellow Digital Marketing & Development fields in order to put fuel into your idea’s tank. Growth Hacking is the digital Las Vegas of contemporary marketing. Pay to play!

Growth Hacking Mindset

Do you know a person that whatever happens, he/she always spot a positive point during a disaster? A person with a winning attitude? Or a person that is constantly curious about how this or that works? If you do know, then you are more familiar with a “growth-hacking-DNA” than the average person. Growth Hackers never settle down with the obvious explanation and they keep digging until they hit the bone of a subject.

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking DNA

They have it all… They are marketers, engineers, product managers and PR experts. Most probably on their 30s and usually open to communication and questions. They feed their need to explore new areas of development by focusing on building and engaging the user base of a business.

They favor most practices with low cost or no cost at all by using common logic and the wanna-try-a-new-recipe-today impulse. First, they take the leap into the unknown digital waters and afterward they observe all the given results. If an experiment is successful is a keeper, if not it ends up in the thinking refrigerator.

Sounds like Indiana Jones stories, doesn’t it?

Startups Compatible

Growth Hacking is the perfect digital strategy particularly for Startups. Especially if the goal is rapid growth at an early-stage launch phase. Wanna make a big noise over your idea and build a huge followers/clients base for your Startup? Get a Growth Hacking Team now!

Let them guide you. Let them change your priorities. Let them brainwash your mindset. But do not trust your money on their hands. There is no financial limit for Growth Hacking Strategy budget. Set your limits prior to the strategy. Never after!!!

Keep in mind that the main purpose is to increase the conversion rate and the growth of the user base. So, you will need experts for astonishing and persuasive copy, email marketing for all scenarios, Search Engine Optimization, breathtaking website, social media footprints, original visuals and digital marketing strategies, among others, for every step of the way.

Growth Hacking digital strategy

Growth Hacking History

Back in 2010, Sean Ellis established the term “growth hacker” in this blog post:

Find a Growth Hacker for Your Startup

“A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.  Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.  Is positioning important?  Only if a case can be made that it is important for driving sustainable growth (FWIW, a case can generally be made).” Continue reading at Sean Ellis Linkedin Blog Post…

Sometime later Andrew Chen introduced the term of Growth Hacker in his blog and make it more popular. He nailed it as you can see it yourself:

The rise of the Growth Hacker

“Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of “How do I get customers for my product?” and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph.” Continue reading at Andrew Chen Blog Post…


In 2013, Sean Ellis along with Morgan Brown, Dylan La Com, Everette Taylor and team started GrowthHackers.com. It is an online community and software as a service (SaaS) that enables teams to manage the growth experimentation process.

Growth Hacking

Where can I Learn Growth Hacking?

You can learn everything you need at Growth University. Learn the fundamentals of growth hacking at your own pace with their expert-led, self-guided training courses.

Trust Sean Ellis and unite your company behind an effective growth process.

Enroll Now!

The Instructor

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis is CEO and Founder of GrowthHackers.com, the number one online community built for growth hackers, with over a million global users. Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacker” in 2010, after using it to ignite massive growth for Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn and Lookout – all with valuations now exceeding $1B. He regularly speaks to startups and Fortune 100s and has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc.com, and TechCrunch.

Sean Ellis is also coauthor of Hacking Growth by Crown Business ( a division of Penguin Random House) in April 2017. You can order here: http://amzn.to/2ll80L3

This is not a sponsored post. We love and support GrowthHackers.com ❤️

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