WordCamp Asia is the first flagship WordCamp in Asia. So far, there have been only two types of flagship WordCamps: US and Europe. Flagship WordCamps draw more attention than any other type of WordPress event in terms of media, users, and businesses.

They are looking for generous sponsors to help make the first flagship WordCamp Asia 2020 a success. Without you, WordCamp Asia would not be affordable to the vast majority of the WordPress community.

Discover all the benefits and exposure you will get as a Sponsor at WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia and register today before if you don’t want to lose this opportunity!

About an estimate of 1,000 participants is anticipated at WordCamp Asia 2020. Therefore, sponsorship packages are in high demand, and in limited quantities. We encourage you to apply for the sponsorship packages quickly. They remain on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please feel welcome to contact WordCamp Asia organizing team directly via sponsors@wpasia.org with any questions.

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WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. WordCamp Asia 2020 is an event put together by the WordPress community in Asia.

The organizers were recruited in April 2019 and they had their first online meeting in May 2019. The majority of the organizers have been involved in local WordCamps as a lead organizer or team members.

WordCamp Asia social media platforms were launched in June 2019 and the teaser site was live in July 2019. The official hashtag for this event is #WCAsia.

Follow and support WordCamp Asia by using the magic hashtag #WCAsia.

The event will start off with a contributor day on February 21, followed by two days of conference on February 22-23. On these two days, attendees can expect dozens of talks from various WordPress experts from around the world split into two conference tracks.

Various opportunities to network and collaborate will be available for attendees, considering that the event has attracted many WordPress enthusiasts from all kinds of industry and background.

The event will also feature booths from more than 20 sponsors that the attendees can visit and interact with. At the end of the 3-day event, WordCamp Asia 2020 will close with an after-party, as per the traditions of WordCamps.  


WordPress in Asia

WordPress has a huge following in Asia. Over the years, the region has amassed over 127 WordPress Meetup Chapters across 23 countries with over 73,000 members and held more than 150 WordCamps in 52 cities across 18 countries.

This number continues to grow, as more Meetup Chapters and WordCamps continue to form in the region. It is not an exaggeration to say that WordCamp Asia 2020 has been a long-awaited event by the WordPress community in Asia.

The support received from the community so far has been very encouraging; the various call for speakers, sponsors, and volunteers have been met with enthusiastic responses. In addition to that, the first batch of 200 tickets was sold in less than 48 hours. 

Light version #WCAsia
What to expect as a WordCamp Asia 2020 Sponsor #WCASIA

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