We are pleased to announce the sponsor NELFOS Skincare for our Press Releases Workshop. We are grateful for their precious support in making our workshop run smoothly for all the attendees.

NELFOS Skincare

NELFOS is the combination of two names; Nefeli meaning nebula and Asterios meaning star. The moto behind the brand is that there is always a shiny star in the heart of everyone’s nebula that brings out the inner beauty (FOS meaning is light) of ourselves.

NELFOS Skincare is a lavish, fastidious beauty line for both women and men, manufactured totally in a pharmacy lab in Greece, by the pharmacist Asterios Asteriou with attention to quality and detail of the products. It was founded in 2010 at Agios Konstantinos, Fthiotida, Greece.

NELFOS provides 100% handmade natural skincare products for the face, body and hair. All the ingredients are natural, chemical-free, and with respect to the environment. NELFOS formulas support and apply all the latest & approved green cosmetology standards.

NELFOS Skincare logo
NELFOS Skincare

Press Releases Workshop

If you’ve never created a press release before, or are just looking for ways to improve yours, then this workshop is for you!

Do you want to master the art of Press Releases?

Then join this workshop: How to Create Successful Press Releases on Monday 9 May 2022. The workshop is taking place at Spaces Theanous 15, Kerameikos, Athens. In five hours you will learn all the necessary steps and tips to make your Press Release irresistible to the public eye.

  • Are you a small business owner who can’t afford to hire a PR Agency?
  • Do you own a fresh new startup with zero experience in Press Releases?
  • Are you a newbie journalist looking for that extra skill?
  • Is your event in great need of some extra exposure?
  • Do you have big news to share as a Content Creator but haven’t any clue about Press Releases?

Book your spot, now!

Here is your chance to get all the guidelines and tips for crafting professional Press Releases that all website editors would love to publish.

Press Releases Workshop | Athens Greece | 9 May 2022
Press Releases Workshop | Athens Greece | 9 May 2022

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