How they stand out

The first question that came to my head, when I saw this LinkedIn announcement, was:

” How did they manage to be among

the top voices on LinkedIn?”

So I spend 10 days studying their accounts and their digital footprints throughout all cyberspace. Due to my Digital Marketing background, my main focus was on the TOP VOICES LIST in Marketing & Social Media.

What it takes to be among the top voices?

Hard work and genuine input, for starters! These two are common in all of them.

Daniel Roth, LinkedIn Editor in Chief describes the whole process of screening evaluation:

“We use a combination of data and editorial signals to find the people that stand out among the incredible volume of LinkedIn conversations: tens of thousands of comments an hour, over a million posts a day, thousands of articles a week — and tens of millions more shares and likes.”


“We screen for engagement (specifically the likes, comments and shares across each contributor’s articles, posts and videos); growth of followers tied to publishing activity; and the number of times the writer had been featured in editorial channels, a signal of high-quality content. We also emphasize the diversity of topics and voices.”


“Then we sort by industry. The list reflects publishing activity over a 12-month period, from November 2016 to November 2017, and as with all LinkedIn Lists, we excluded LinkedIn and Microsoft employees from consideration.”


LinkedIn Numbers

LinkedIn Numbers

As you can read 3 million users share content on LinkedIn weekly. Well, if you add all numbers will come to the astonishing conclusion that 156.000.000 users share content in a year. So being part of this list is a true accomplishment.

Linkedin Numbers 2017

Linkedin Numbers 2017 2

Source – Hootsuite, Alexa, Statistia

LinkedIn December 2017

Various topics made many heads turn within LinkedIn’s 530 million members around the world:

  • The U.S. discussed everything from marketing to artificial intelligence
  • India’s honorees shared about startups and big data
  • The UK focused on the economy
  • France talked about energy and international relations
  • Germany favored business strategy and innovation

Globally, some topics drove high-interest conversations regarding news-driven topics like Brexit, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and Uber’s ongoing challenges.

Top Voices 2017 LinkedIn

The Winning Formula

What really made a huge difference was the element of consistency and the in-depth communication with other members about a certain topic.

Numbers reveal the hard work behind each Top Voice acknowledgment. The 71% percent of Top Voices published at least once a month and in many cases, they published up to four times a month, on average.

Compared to all LinkedIn members that are actively writing and sharing in 2017, the Top Voices received on their posts, articles and videos:

  • 5X more comments
  • 72X more likes
  • 7X more shares

Each of Top Voices generated over 120,000 new follows this year, almost +330 new followers a day.

That is amazing! Isn’t it?

Top Voices 2017 LinkedIn

Top Voices 2017 LinkedIn

Top Voices in Social Media and Marketing

Follow them, study them, read what they publish and try their approach to deal with emerging issues in our ever-changing industry of Marketing & Social Media.


The Golden Tip

There are 192 #LinkedInTopVoices around the world. I have visited their accounts and all of them are worth following. Find more about their work in this article.

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