Innovation meets Athens at INNOVATHENS center. The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens:

  • was launched in May 2014, after the transformation of an old Gasholder into a fully operational, highly equipped, vibrant, open space
  • is a collaboration of Technopolis with Athens Σynergies, 6 entrepreneurial associations listing more than 350 of the most innovative and extroverted business of Athens
  • is sponsored financially & supported technologically by Samsung Electronics Hellas



You can find INNOVATHENS inside Technopolis Gazi, the most recognizable place of Athens with more than 900.000 visitors per year.

A historical old gas deposit has been transformed, from scratch into a modern, well equipped space and is functioning as an integrated center for the networking, knowledge and experience exchange between enterprises, research institutions and young people of the city of Athens, and beyond.


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The Mission


  1. Create sustainable technical and organizational conditions to attract innovative ideas and entrepreneurs.
  2. Provide open innovation services to the start-up community.
  3. Encourage joint projects.
  4. Network with ecosystems, funding opportunities within and outside Greece.


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