We need your help with this survey. It will take a minute to complete this form. Do tell us: what was the worst business advice you have ever received?

The purpose of this survey is pure educational research for a new project we are building. As you already know, surveys allow a business to efficiently collect feedback, opinions. tips and responses from people willing to share their points of view.

About the Survey

The collected information will be used to improve the accuracy of an ongoing project or different areas of a business. Have in mind that it is common practice to get results from survey responses when a topic can not rely solely on data.

Also, responses could confirm or provoke discussions on strategic business decisions and provide unbiased data to guide decision-making in the near future.

In a few weeks, a new article will be published including all the selected responses.

Question: What’s the worst business advice you have ever received?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us your response!

You will need 1 minute to complete the survey:

What's the worst business advice you have ever received?

Areti Vassou Response

I’ll go first: Don’t share your business secrets with your competitors.

Why not? I am not planning to take my knowledge to my grave. After all, I love to see my competitors thrive and be happy. In my humble opinion, we all swim in the same lake. Just because we may have the same info in our hands doesn’t necessarily mean that we all going to use them in the same way. All cats can swim but not all cats can catch the best fish.

Areti Vassou
IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency

What's the worst business advice you've ever received?

Back to Basics

Are you trying to define what are the main characteristics of professionalism? We asked 200 people from different industries and now we have the answer.

Mind your manners!

Pay attention to Ethics & Honesty

These are the most important ones. Even more than competence, knowledge, conscientiousness, emotional intelligence, appropriateness, and confidence.

In all industries, the most valuable characteristics are honesty and ethics. Professionals that are honest, evenhanded and authentic tend to receive more respect both from clients and colleagues. Having these makes it easier to become a trustworthy name among your peers. To stand out for a great character is priceless and most companies value their official code of ethics more than any other skill. It is common to find a similar code of ethics in freelance professionals.

Behave Morally and Ethically

Professionals know that even if there isn’t any official book of written code of ethics in some industries, an unwritten code of ethics does exist. For serious professionals, there is no debate upon the matter of morality and ethics. You should display ethical behavior at all times and protect the main human rights at all costs. Presenting the best behavior, showing a respectful & lawful attitude to everyone you do business with separates the professionals from the non-professionals. Read more about the main Characteristics of Professionalism.

Life Lesson: Serenity Attracts Prosperity

Do you want to be really successful? Be brave and slow down. Forget likability and gain resilience. 

Being calm and living a slower life can support business prosperity in unexpected ways. In my experience, the fear of missing out on opportunities can be replaced by the joy of missing out on wasted energy on low-quality projects (and activities). When you are in a good place with yourself you don’t need others to lift you up. And that reflects in business life, too. Keep reading…

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