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My good friend Penelopi is a famous Food & Travel Blogger. Her love for vegetarian food was the main reason she created her blog MANINIO. Today I will try her lemon cake recipe.

Being all week under the business speed I try to find ways to relax during weekends. When the weather is a bit unfriendly for walks then trying new recipes while listening to jazz is my second best choice. So, this Sunday I will make Lemon Cake by recipe book.

Lemon Cake

Maninio: “My Love for the lemons is endless, I just can’t get enough of the lemon aroma. I even drink the pure lemon juice itself with a great pleasure! Yes I know its quite mouthwatering and bitter but I can’t help it. 

Μy mother makes this cake since my childhood, but instead of lemon she uses orange. I make a small change and use lemon this time. It has a fruity aroma and its not so sweet. If you do not like lemons, put less juice and zest on the recipe or you can put orange as the original recipe.” 

Lemon Cake recipe by maninio


“For a great mixture, the quality of yogurt is the secret on this cake. The yogurt has to be a Greek type one, which has a thick and nice texture without water. In addition, the quality of the butter plays a key role to the texture and the taste of cake. Use the best quality of butter for the best result.”

The cake is so fluffy, fruity and buttery that I just can’t have only one slice! It’s the ideal dessert for the breakfast time with your coffee or tea. 


Lemon Cake recipe by maninio

Why don’t you try it yourself? I promise you that it deserves your time and effort. Get the full recipe here.






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