Luxury by Organic Themes is all about style and class. It’s the perfect solution for high-end brands and fashion industry designers. But not only for them, may I add! A stylish Digital Marketing Agency can use it, too.

My New WordPress Theme is LUXURY by Organic Themes and I love it!

It is a classy WordPress theme created for showcasing the finer things in life. LUXURY is perfect for luxurious blogs and brands, high-end products, fashion, travel, the wedding industry, designers, stylish marketers and professionals who love elegant design. If an elegant presentation is a priority for your website, then you should choose the Luxury Theme.

Luxury by Organic Themes

Luxury Theme

Luxury features a sophisticated design with a strong focus on typography and content layout. Each post format has extra attention to detail. The designers have developed LUXURY to be in line with standards, replacing unnecessary functions with more intuitive solutions and an easy setup process using the WordPress Customizer.

The theme features a fully responsive grid, retina optimization, a wide variety of page templates, post formats, shortcodes, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Jetpack compatibility, and much more. Give your WordPress theme class with Luxury. See the Demo here.

Luxury by Organic Themes

Luxury by Organic Themes

Luxury by Organic Themes

Organic Themes

Let’s discover more about Organic Themes. Who is behind this great company?

Organic Themes was founded in 2009 by David Morgan and Jeff Milone in the town of Lahaina on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.

“We chose the name “Organic Themes” because we felt it reflected our personal lifestyles and suited our approach to the design and development of WordPress themes.

Organic Themes are professionally designed without excessive flashy effects, gradients, drop shadows and other unnecessary added “hormones” of the design world. In addition, our code is clean, easy to understand, and the theme options are not overwhelming.

This allows for faster load times, setup and customization of your theme. We believe that less can be more. Bloated code and frameworks aren’t always the best solution. The WordPress platform is such a powerful content management system by itself, there’s really no need to tamper with it.

With an Organic Theme, you receive a beautifully designed, complete theme as it was meant to function on the WordPress platform.”

What They Offer

Organic Themes offers a variety of premium WordPress themes for artists, businesses and bloggers.

“Our collection of themes is always growing to suit the needs of our customers. The themes available from our site are designed and developed for the WordPress platform from, which is not to be confused with the blogging community site of

We release new themes on a regular basis and provide continuous updates for our existing themes. With the purchase of an Organic Theme, you will receive an awesome WordPress theme, access to our helpful support forums, documentation, design files, demo content and more.”

The Team

  • David Morgan Founder, Designer, Developer

David was born and raised in the swamps of Central Florida. He stumbled in to design after graduating from UCF with a degree in Computer Animation. He moved to Hawaii in 2007 and started a freelance design company. In 2009, David and Jeff began creating Organic Themes. David’s expertise lies in graphic design, HTML and CSS development. His passions are surfing, hiking, fishing and anything else involving the ocean. David currently resides with his wife Emily in Lahaina, Maui.

Twitter: ItsDavidMorgan
Personal Site:

  • Jeff Milone Founder, Developer

Born and raised in Florida, Jeff earned degrees in marketing and IT before settling into web development over 4 years ago. For the past 3 years, he has run a successful freelance operation, focused exclusively on WordPress, developing front and back-end solutions. Jeff remains a consummate outdoorsman, splitting his time between Hawaii and Florida.

Twitter: JeffMilone
Personal Site:

  • Jesse Lee Developer, Customizer

A former Groupon employee, Jesse comes from a design background. After moving to Maui in 2013, Jesse began to work on web development, honing his skills in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. He has also authored several WordPress plugins.

Personal Site:

Do you know the etymology of the word luxury?

We associate luxury with comfort, quality, wealth, and aspiration. But it wasn’t always that way: the word originally meant lechery and lust in English.

Latin had two similar words with overlapping meanings: Luxus, meaning “luxury” or “excess,” and Luxuria, which meant “rankness” or “offensiveness.” These terms became luxe and luxure in French, with meanings that preserved the distinctions of the original Latin.

The French word luxe developed the meanings that we commonly associate with luxury: “wealth” and “indulgence.” The French phrase de luxe, meaning “of luxury,” became the English word deluxe.

By contrast, luxure referred to unrestrained sexual pursuits and became a synonym of lasciviousness or wantonness and is associated with words like debauchery and perversity.  This is the way luxury was initially used in English: The Oxford English Dictionary records that Chaucer refers to “O foule lust of luxurie.”

Over time, luxury drifted away from its exclusively sensual meaning to mean “sumptuous environment,” referring to food, clothes, and opulent lifestyle, as in the phrase “they lived in luxury.”

This association with opulence and wealth led to the world’s most recent meaning, the one that refers to something nonessential or indulgent — something extra that is a welcome change that is not always possible or available, as in “going out to dinner was a rare luxury for them.”

If luxury started with the physical and drifted to the material, pleasures of the senses were nevertheless always at the root of how we understand this word. Source:

This is not a sponsored post. We love, use and support great design.

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