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+ Make a Wish

Flickr Friday: Make a Wish Blowing on a dandelion, looking at a shooting star or breaking wishbones… some traditions give us the chance to Make a Wish. In this Flickr Friday we invite you to take a deep breath, pick up your camera and let the magic flow. Source: Flickr Friday: Make a Wish



Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, creating a gallery with your favorite photos and art pieces can instantly elevate the style of any house.

Missing Letter

Every year when I am trying to write a note to my significant other, seems like that all gather up to this conclusion…..You are my missing letter  !!! Inspiration runs into our veins… This tango lasts for 22 years… That alone is the most romantic gesture, ever… Butterflies never left our room….So, Valentine is our favourite pet. IdeaDeco  is addicted to  Valentine  vibes…

Colour your life !!!!


Farmhouse home office design by photographer Rikki Snyder

Summer plans!!!!

Summer plans

Summer has arrived …. And Ideadeco make plans for the following weekends. Sail with AegeanDreamTeam all around Aegean. What’s your plan?

Fist day

We are officially into WordPress !!!!