Success is about Passion 

8 Greek Stories

Apivita and Living Postcards invite you to this feast of joy, ideas, creation and interaction between people and creators. It is a feast of entrepreneurship but mainly of creativity!

Eight keynote speakers will share their story, their talent and passion. Sad corners, happy turnovers or unexpected ones, will be the living proof that people with talent and spirit can rise above all obstacles.

One day dedicated to their inspiring stories, into this unique shop, with a variety of products, carrying their origins deep inside their creations. Starting at 17:00 at the second floor,  Hippocrates Lecture Hall of “The APIVITA Experience Store”. At 18:30 all creators will introduce themselves and will accept your questions.

The Story Tellers:

Theano Potamianou / Aumorfia

Anna MoraitouAnna Moraitou design

Danai Gavrili – Alkioni Matsourdeli / Lommer

Christina Skouloudi / christina skouloudi design studio

Maria Michalakopoulou-Kontogianni

Pinelopi Kyriazi / Maninio

Sandra Alevra / Sophia


Living Postcards Success Story 2Living Postcards Success Story


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