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Most of the times you will find me in airports between flights, heading all over the world. As a Digital Nomad, traveling has become my main way of living. But digital copywriting and blogging schedule won’t wait for the perfect office or “suitable” conditions. I write everywhere, always, in all possible or impossible conditions, day or night… That’s what I do for a living, I am a Digital Wordcrafter Without Borders.

But I have some help. As a matter of fact, I have the best help ever! For starters, great coffee, then my team back home and finally Philips Digital Recorder & Dictation Speech Live. This tiny technological miracle is always in my pocket as a digital assistant, ready to get my dictations on the go. Open the device, dictate, send, edit and it’s ready to get published.

Yes, that’s right: I dictate the text, then when I am sitting I edit the files and within 15 minutes my next posts are ready to get in the publishing queue.

Simply speak, send, edit and you are done!


Work Anywhere

With Philips Speech Live Digital Dictation, you are ready to go! The ultimate cloud-based dictation workflow service on the go for all professional needs.

Philips Speech Live Digital Dictation is the ultimate cloud-based dictation workflow service that makes going from your voice to a written document quicker than ever before. Speech Live increases productivity by allowing you to focus on what really matters – your creativity.


No software installation required


Blogging With Digital Dictation Philips Speech Live

Speech Live doesn’t require any changes in your existing network IT installation. Your dictations can be recorded with a digital voice recorder or the Philips dictation recorder app for smartphones. Your assistant can transcribe documents by logging into the SpeechLive online portal to access the file list and playback the recordings via the web player in any browser.

How to Set Speech Live

Watch a demonstration of how to set Speech Live up on your smartphone HERE >>


See how you can make digital dictation easy with Philips Speech Live Cloud-Based Service PDF

More Philips Products

Voice to text made easy with superior recording quality. The Philips dictation and transcription set allows you to turn voice into text even quicker than before.

Philips Digital Recorder Dictation App
Philips Speech Mike Premium Air
PHILIPS DPM 6700 DPM4 Starter Kit

Contact Grafimedia for any further information.

Blogging With Digital Dictation Philips Speech Live

Ideadeco Team uses Philips SpeechLive Digital Dictation via Grafimedia Certified Philips Partner. They provide excellent support and services. We highly recommend Grafimedia as the best Philips vendor in Greece. Contact Grafimedia for any further information.

Blogging With Digital Dictation Philips Speech Live

Grafimedia Certified Philips Partner

This is not a sponsored post. We use Philips Digital Dictation via Grafimedia and we support all solutions that improve our lives.


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