What is Doodle?

It is the easy way to decide on dates, places & many more.

Doodle is an online well-designed scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find the best date and time to meet with multiple people. First, you suggest some dates or times for your event participants to choose from, then Doodle creates a polling calendar that can be sent to all participants so they can choose from.

Doodle Meetings

Each participant selects the dates and times from the polling calendar that he or she is free, Doodle aggregates the responses and tells you which option works best for everyone.

Doodle in Action

Doodle is extremely easy to use.  The UX is cleverly set up in a carefree walk through the three steps of creating a polling calendar:

What’s the occasion?
What are the options?
Tell your participants who you are

As you will discover when you will set up your Doodle, in each step there are options that make the process of scheduling smoother and stressfree both for you and the people you’re trying to meet with.

Visit their help guide and create your Doodle in 5 minutes.

Doodle Meetings

Connect your Calendar

It provides the ability to connect your calendar so you can easily create and participate in polls directly from Doodle’s calendar view. Doodle also automatically syncs your events for even more efficiency.

Doodle Meetings


Doodle on the go!

The free Doodle app works seamlessly with all of your major devices. Track your Doodle polls on the go and receive activity notifications. Visit www.doodle.com

Doodle Meetings

Doodle Surveys

With Doodle text polls you can ask your friends or clients for simple but yet important details that can help you organize your next event or meeting. Let your participants vote on anything you imagine!


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