WordCamp Galicia 2021 Online is taking place from 30 September until 2 October 2021. This is the first regional WordCamp in Galicia. WordCamp Galicia 2021 will be an online event and the organizing team has designed a different experience. They intent to create an online meeting point where all guests can virtualy meet, exchange ideas and create synergies. Everyone can watch the talks from YouTube, but if you choose to sign up (free ticket) you will have some extra benefits:

  • Exclusive communications for registered users
  • Digital gifts, sweepstakes and exclusive promotions from the sponsors
  • Access to private networking rooms with speakers, organizers and other attendees and last day activities

WordCamp Galicia 2021 official hashtags: #WCGAL #somosnecoras #camiñogalicia

About WordCamp Galicia 2021

What to expect at WordCamp Galicia 2021?

Three days full of WordPress related knowledge, experiences and concerns. If this is your first time then take your time to discover the beauty of WordCamp. This is a unique community based WordCamp, focused on WordPress and organized by volunteers from the local WordPress community with the support of the WordPress Foundation, the international non-profit organization which oversees the conduct of these events throughout the world.

All WordCamps are different because, although they start from a common ground, they carry the personal color and feeling of the community that organizes it. WordCamp Galicia will focus on the most immediate needs and topics of the Galician community, without forgetting that it will be open to international audiences interested in WordPress. 

The main goal is to make everyone feel welcome in the WordPress culture and community. WordCamps offer a great opportunity to bring together people from all over the world. Also, everyone has a chance to explore the local meetup groups and their activities, the possibilities that WordPress and its community offers, and who knows, maybe that person with whom to collaborate on a project. Previous WordCamps’ attendees have many great stories to share about new colaborations and networking.

Useful info about WordCamps: Up to date, 1085 WordCamps have been held in 373 cities, in 65 countries, with the first being organized in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg in 2006. (Author’s note: I was there and it was an amazing experience.)

Who organizes WordCamp Galicia 2021?

Like all WordCamps, the WordCamp Galicia is supervised by WordCamp Central while activelly organized by volunteers from the six WordPress meetup groups that are currently active in Galicia: 

A Coruña , Ferrolterra , Lugo , Ourense , Pontevedra and Vigo.

All volunteers work for free and help to make WordCamps a joyful experience for everyne attending.

Discover WordCamp Galicia Talks

As in all WordCamps there will be presentations of all kinds and for all WordPress user levels. It is common for organizing teams to choose topics that answer to certain & common needs within the local WordPress Community. WordCamp Galicia will focus on topics like:

  • Bilingualism
  • WordPress news
  • Short talks with tips and accurate data
  • Possibilities offered to by the WordPress community locally

In my personal experience from all the WordCamps I have attend, most topics extend to the interest of all WordPress users in the world. With so many options and such a wide audience you will have the opportunity to network with bloggers, designers, programmers, developers… and so many other professionals.

Apart from just watching talks, which is common at all online conferences, you can also consult the speakers and have fruitfuil conersations with other users. It is a fact that networking is one of the best elements of WordCamps. Therefore WordCamp Galicia is the best place to be if you want to get involved in the local meetup groups and with other members of the Galician community.

Do you want to explore the entire list of talks? Then visit WordCamp Galicia Schedule page.

Meet #WCGAL Speakers

During WordCamp Galicia, all talks and workshops will be given by WordPress users or professionals who participate for free from anywhere in the world. The speakers aim to share their experiences and knowledge with other WordPress users. All presentations/talks subtitled; one day in Galician and one day in Spanish.  If you’ve never seen a talk and want to get an idea then you can watch some from recent WordCamps on WordPress.tv


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About Galicia

Galicia is an autonomous community in Spain’s northwest. It is a verdant region with an Atlantic coastline. The landscape of Galicia is lush, mountainous and peppered with forests of pine and eucalyptus.

The cathedral of the regional capital Santiago de Compostela is the famous burial place of the biblical apostle Saint James the Great. Many people are visiting this location every year. It is a beloved destination for those following the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

The western cliffs of Cape Finisterre were considered by the Romans to be the end of the known world. The landscape there is breathtaking and is one of the must-see destinations in the world.

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