People need good stories to warm their hearts. Great books made me see the world as a place worth discovering. Were the power behind my will to visit 191 countries till today. Breathtaking stories had broken all boundaries for me and for all the people I admire. A book can make you family with a stranger. A book can change your world.

Breathtaking books have inspired me to find the strength and overcome many obstacles since my childhood. It is our moral duty to protect wordsmiths and creative minds from extinction.

We should make time to read great books, read more books (day after day) and learn how to express our thoughts on paper. This world needs writers more than ever before. We need good stories to tell our children, to pass the knowledge of outstanding ideas. Remember this truth next time you start writing something.

Why we need more writers

Writers circulate knowledge among the people. Writers shape the way we think and how we feel. Without books, this world would be poor and empty. Stories are the invisible thread that holds together the world of imagination within reality.

To all the writers out there: Define why you want to share your story and start writing it. There are people in the world waiting to find your words.

Help them find the meaning of life.

This World Needs Good Stories by Areti Vassou

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