Yes, it’s a fact that we live in a social media world. But why should it be full of rambling digital noise?

Let’s say that you are heading to work and out of a sudden you see an acquaintance whom you really like. And you start sharing your latest news after the casual greetings. It’s really so satisfying to communicate with this sweet and warm person.

But as you are trying to explain that you have to leave because you are going to your office, he/she keeps chatting about everything with an attitude that every-single-word-is-the-most-important-word-in-the-world. You are thinking that his/her excitement to see you is so big that can’t put a full stop.

But the torture of unstoppable chatting keeps rolling for half an hour… one hour … two hours… and so on to infinity. Finally, you find a way to run away and continue with your day. And then your telephone rings… it’s him/her trying to tell you the rest of the story. You switch off your telephone but the postman is fetching a special super urgent delivery for you. You open the letter and it’s him/her again continuing with his/her story.

It sounds like a nightmare but it’s our daily exposure to the tyranny of social media digital chatter. There are so many people & brands out there that they don’t know that continuous social media posting equals digital chatter and negative noise. In other words, they just don’t know when to close their digital mouths.

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

Social Media Endless Chatter

Social media is all about communication. Period. Nobody wants to sit across from you and wonder if there is an end to the stream of words pouring from your mouth. Remember this next time you are going to post 10 (the same ones) posts on Facebook within a day. And then repeat the circle of posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc day after day, month after month.

It’s not a healthy digital communication tactic if your narcissist urge to continuously post your thoughts is driving your social media behavior.

In the end, everyone will consider you as the stupid egocentric fellow of the village. Sorry, but that’s the harsh truth. It’s killing your good name and brand’s reputation when you are drowning your followers and friends in your digital words and posts.

STOP doing this. Please! Respect the value of politeness.

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter
The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

With all the Respect, Just Shut up

Each time I see people/brands posting on their Facebook personal account, Facebook pages, groups and all their social media accounts the same post my mind explodes of boredom.

In situations like this, one question pops up in my head. Why they are doing this? Don’t they know that talking about yourself too much is often a sign of a needy personality that seeks for attention? Who on earth will trust a person or a brand when they are stigmatized as narcissist monsters?

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

The Truth About Over Sharing

Despite the fact that we all are connected to the internet web, I remind myself daily that as a society although we are using Social Media for more than 20 years, there are many people who are not familiar with the true sense of digital connectivity.

During one of my Workshops, a 40 something student asked me why people don’t react to her social media posts. She also stressed out that she keeps sharing 3 times per day (on all her social media accounts !!!) just to make sure that everyone gets her news.

Let’s do the maths. 6 social media accounts multiple by 3 posts per day and 1 daily Newsletter. Now add sharing to 12 Facebook groups. Her friends and followers were receiving 31 notifications from her EVERY SINGLE DAY. If they need 1 minute to read each post, then they had 31 minutes to suffer her repetitious rambling chatter. That’s torture for their eyes. Not to mention the notifications into their inbox.

Talking too much is a bad habit. Let me rephrase this. Posting too much is a bad habit. It’s killing your value. It’s not working on your benefit. That’s the reason why people avoid you and your posts.

She burst into tears. And I stood like a fool trying to comfort her distress. In the end, she said something that changed the way I see digital reality. “If I don’t post so many times then how will they know that I exist? How will they notice my work?”

The answer is Quality & Strategy.

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

Quality & Strategy

You should post less content based on strategy and towards a specific goal. See this example:

Topic of the week: Social Media Over Sharing

  • Sunday: Create a new blog post and share it on your Facebook business page. And on your Pinterest account. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Monday: Share it on your Twitter account with a different text/caption and a new photo. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Tuesday: Share it on your LinkedIn account with a different text/caption and a new photo. Also share it on your personal Facebook account. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Wednesday: Share it on your Instagram account with a different text/caption and a new photo. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Thursday: Share it through your Newsletter with a different text/caption and new photos. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Friday: Share a post from other accounts related to your original post, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Saturday: Post a positive message everywhere but not the same on all the social media channels. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Sunday: repeat the circle.
  • Note: You can post on Instagram daily but try to keep it authentic and interesting.

This schedule is perfect for someone creating only 1-2 new pieces of content per week. If you are creating more than 3 pieces then you will need a tailor-made content marketing strategy plan to spread your posts. Contact me for a 1-hour free consultation service:


The Value of Communication

Would you enjoy listening to the stories of a person about every minute of their life? Then why should your followers & friends follow you down in every rabbit hole of your thoughts?

Be extremely selective about what you are sharing and publishing. Respect the time of the people around you. Monopolizing the conversation won’t make you a powerful magnet for new friends and followers.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter if I like you or if you are a wonderful person with a great line of accomplishments. I would prefer to chew off my own hand than having to read your 10 daily social media posts showing your portrait with your new clothes while eating in a restaurant, talking about the power of positivity and communication.

Your digital noise and extravagant digital narcissism make it impossible to follow you and your posts. The tyranny of social media digital chatter is the most toxic side effect of the digital world.

The good news is that we can press the “UNFOLLOW” or “UNFRIEND” button without any guilt. I will leave you to your rambling noise in front of your digital mirror of self-worship.

Believe me that I do have better things to do and read!

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Areti Vassou

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