1 year of Professional Blogging

Opinion by Pinelopi Kyriazi: Ugly Truth and Reality

“Confession time: I am a Food and Travel Blogger and I have nightmares!”

P.K: Last week I had a few failures on my blog so I thought to share my current thoughts about blogging. It’s more like a talk to myself and a future reminder. This post is not about sugar and positive vibes, it’s about the ugly Truth and Reality.

Do you wish you had a blog? Wanna to be a successful blogger? Think that its just an easy, piece of cake? Do you think that the Travel Bloggers just have only fun traveling around, taking nice photos and have endless time in the sunshine? Do you think that Food Bloggers just only eat in nice restaurants, make nice recipes and blog happily about them?

As a Food and Travel Blogger I can honestly tell you that:

Sorry to disappoint you, BUT you are wrong. Blogging it’s a real job and its HARD! Really hard. Yes, anybody can do it but 90% quit in short time! In order to succeed you HAVE to be that lunatic, weirdo, loco person. Otherwise, you have no hope as a Blogger. Simply as that. 

To be honest, if I knew blogging is so hard I would think twice. Yes, its true or maybe I am really tired. I wish somebody has told that I will have nightmares about how to blog, how to do it right, how to be successful, how to make it work.

1 year of Professional Blogging by Pinelopi Kyriazi

1 year of Professional Blogging by Pinelopi Kyriazi


What is Blogging?

“A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. A blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably” For more, you can click here.

I am a Vegetarian Food and Travel Blogger and I blog about my favorite recipes, travel, how to travel as a Vegan, Vegan in various countries and related stories. I write only for things that I love and I try to be authentic to my readers. Both in English and Greek. Sounds fun and easy, right? Ha! Keep on reading.


How it all started

My profession is Mechanical Engineering. During my 9 working years in Qatar I used to cook a lot but during the last 2 years in the Middle East, I got really obsessed with desserts and Greek cuisine. I start delivering all my creations to my friends and colleagues. I also studied a Chocolatier course and at the end, I started a part-time catering business and opened my first blog named “Maninas Goodie bag”. All in Qatar.

Fast forward, I decided to quit my Engineering job, close my business in Qatar and start traveling. After 20 years in the corporate world, I was in desperate need of a change. My Journey started from Cambodia, continued to India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, Ireland and a few months in France. Up to then, my blog was just for fun, part-time and I did not take it seriously. I was only posting once a month and even less.



During my presence in France and during a course in Plant-Based diet and Photography, I decided to change my niche, change my blog name, change the web design and become a full-time blogger. I spent countless hours to make my blog live, all by myself. To buy the domain, host, choose a theme and the most important install the theme. Oh, what a nightmare! Finally, I got my first proper post live and start blogging regularly. I reached a point where I was not sure whether I am doing it correctly, so I reached a Professional in Ideadeco.

After 1 year of blogging, I feel that I have to clear out some things for anyone who wants to be a successful and professional blogger. I am way far from that.

Blogging is NOT free

You pay money for the domain, the host, the theme, and if you can afford Photographer, Developer, Translator, Virtual Assistant to help you all the tasks and much more! Trust me. It’s way too expensive to hire someone full time. Personally, I can not afford it.

You will also need a good laptop, camera, lens, cards and a tripod. In addition as a food blogger, you will need props (lots of them), lighting (in case you are doing your shooting at night), backdrops and the food ingredients of course.


The Reality about technical Skills

As a Blogger you need to learn a lot.

Be a Photographer,
a web designer,
a food Stylist,
a recipe developer,
a “chef”,
a graphic designer

and most important be an SEO expert if you want to rank high in google. I HATE SEO. If you are into blogging you can obviously feel my pain!

Moreover its useful to have:

Grammar skills,
writing skills,
networking skills,
be a social media expert,
CSS and HTML skills,
Photo – editing skills,
video production (in case you have videos on your blog) and
marketing skills



I have learned a lot of things on my own. Various free and paid classes and have read hundreds of articles. I am still learning. There are TONS of attractive prices out there. Choose wisely! Some of them wore waste of time and money, some of them really useful. A course that REALLY helped me with blogging and I regret that I didn’t take it earlier in the Blog Village course. I haven’t finished it yet. There is all the useful information that you will need about blogging. I would have saved hundreds of hours of searching by myself…Highly recommend it!! I am not trying to sell anything here, it’s really what I believe. Trust me, you will thank me afterward!

Maninio 2017 2

The Reality about Photography

You have to be a professional photographer to run a blog. Wrong! You can start a blog without any photography skills like I started. Despite the fact, that I loved everything about Photography, I had 0 knowledge! BUT if you want to run a successful blog you need to obtain Photography skills and be as professional as possible! Its hard, money and time-consuming. Tell me about it.

You need to discover how to use natural light, learn how to work with your camera modes & settings, learn the fine-tune exposure, discover how to compose the photos, tell your story with light and the list goes on…

iPhone 4s was my first photoshoot gear. I just new basic Photography but I had no idea about food styling, props and lighting. I start reading online articles, bought books but I was not satisfied with my phone photos.


So I decided to buy I a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with a 35 lens for close-ups and the 18-105 lens for distance  and I attended a 2-day Photography course in Ireland. I start experiencing the different parts but my progress was quite slow, especially with food. The various functions of the camera got me crazy! So I decided to take another course to improve it.

The Food Photography Book by Nagi at Recipe Tin Eats really helped me and cleared out a lot of my questions!! Its only US29, with 30 days money back guarantee and 180 pages with everything you need to start taking great photos! I am still progressing and I can’t say that I have mastered the Photography yet. Do not forget that light can be your friend and enemy as well. Remind me those foggy days! Key to success? Practice, practice, practice!

My next mission is to buy a tripod as it is a MUST gear for blogging.

1 year of Professional Blogging

1 year of Professional Blogging

The Reality of Videography

Videography is another pain of blogging life. Honestly, I find it even more challenging than Photography. I find my camera too big for video purposes so this summer I purchased a GoPro Hero 5 Session to enhance my travels experience. Very easy and very fun to use indeed. It fits in your pocket! Love it!! Its great for underwater photos and daytime but not so good for night shots.



The Nightmare starts with video editing! I just use the iMac video editing on my MacBook Air and so far I only made very few videos. I find it too much time consuming and complicated. Cut the videos, edit the videos, add the graphics, add music and the list goes on. I really admire all of you talented Videographers out there! I hope one day I will master this part of blogging. Not yet. I still have a long long way to go.



The Reality of Social Media

You need to have accounts on lots of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and most probably a few more that I haven’t figure out yet. You need to be active in ALL of them. Some of them they work great for SEO as Pinterest and Facebook and some of them, not. I am still struggling to find the secret.

So is on Facebook. I have joined dozens of groups where I post regularly. You get addicted!! Except the posting, you have to join group discussions, engage, post comments and share your posts. There is no short way. You have to follow this strategy if you wanna succeed, so people start engaging with your blog and your social media. It takes LOTS of hours. There are days that I spent 6-7 hours on social media only. Yah true! I noticed that if I do not post regularly in groups, by page views suck.


My traffic comes mainly from Facebook, the rest are limited. There are some schedule programs out there, to limit your time but so far I haven’t involved much. I only use the free version of Boarbooster for Pinterest. Oh, did I tell you that I hate Instagram? I used to love it but lately, I feel that it does not go anywhere.


The Reality about people, friends and family

During my first months of blogging, I was too excited about it. I was keeping talking about it, even with details ALL the time. The reality is that nobody cares and few of them are really understood what I was talking about! Sorry to drop you from your cloud, but its 100% true.

In addition, not everyone is going to like your food, you travel experiences or your blog wins. Do not forget about jealousy and bad intention. Yes, these people do exist. Sorry. Lots of them will try to bring you down, criticize you, send you bad comments or behave like assholes. Let me tell you a personal experience.

My own obstacles

During my beginning of my part-time catering business, I got a rude comment from a close friend  “What are you trying to do? Nobody is going to buy your food, you are nuts!!!” The result was that I got so obsessed with my work and that I made a successful part-time catering business for 2 years. But no matter what:






Share your success and struggles with other bloggers or people related to certain things. Welcome to the blog loneliness!

The reality of the real life of a Food / Travel Blogger and Multitasking

I honestly thought that I will make some recipes and post them on the blog. I honestly thought that I will travel to my favorite places and blog about them. Well, it’s more than that.

Food Blogging in English and Greek  

– Recipes (without videos!) –

Normally 8 -10 hours (What???!!) 

  • Recipe development and Inspiration.
  • Shopping.
  • Cooking and Photo-shooting the steps in the procedure. Each step separately with styling. (Most of the recipes are a trial of 3-4 times until perfection)
  • Final Food styling and Photography.
  • Cleaning the kitchen mess! (my worst part!)
  • Choosing the photos and Edit the Photos.
  • Graphics
  • Writing
  • Proofreading and corrections
  • SEO
  • Publishing
  • Sharing to social media and promoting it to platforms.

In case the recipe is a failure like my recent disaster you just forget everything and head to the nearest bar! 🙂

Travel Blogging including Food destinations

(It’s not all sunshine, sunbathe and cocktails, sorry)  

  • Make a plan for flights, transport, hotels, places to visit etc.
  • Travel to the choice of your journey (the fun part!)
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Communication with restaurants, cafes, museums, travel agents etc.
  • Choosing the photos and Edit the Photos.
  • Graphics
  • Writing
  • Proofreading and corrections.
  • SEO
  • Publishing
  • Sharing to social media and promoting it to platforms.

In both cases, there are other tasks also. Answering emails and comments, dealing with potential clients and much much more! You may start producing a recipe or documenting a journey and other urgent stuff comes up. You move to your computer for a few hours, continue with the recipe and at the same time you talk with your new neighbor. He invites you for a drink but wait! I can’t! I have to finish up this urgent post!! Urggg! You may also, spent a whole day in front of your computer or even weeks. True! The Queen of multitasking!

The above tasks are the minimum requirements for a good running blog. If you want to earn money from your blog, there are other things that you have to do. Connect with sponsors, pitch to hotels, put ads and much much more. It takes time, lots of effort and it will NOT work overnight.

The reality about Google

Google is the King and your “Boss”. Why nobody told me that Google rules the network world??? If you rank high in Google, readers will find you and everything else follows. But you need to MASTER SEO!! Either you learn it by yourself or you pay someone to do it for you. At the moment Areti from Ideadeco handles my SEO and recently I started studying it. Hence, you need also to set Google analytics to be able to check your blog posts progress, readers statistics etc, and Google search console.

The reality of Blog income

In my 1 year of blogging, I earn 0 on my blog. I spent countless hours to reach up to the point that my blog is now. Most of all, I am still learning. Sometimes everything seems Chinese to me! In order to keep this full-time blogger lifestyle, and until you start earning money from your blog you need savings! Otherwise its not possible. It may take years to earn a decent income. To be honest I am not planning to maintain this lifestyle forever. I miss my job, I miss interacting with people at work and I need money to survive. I urgently need to go back in full-time employment until my blog starts making money.

The reality of why I blog

Who said I hate blogging?  Well, this statement has a glimpse of truth. There are moments, days and weeks that I feel exhausted. I frequently feel like quitting but the reality stops me. I have spent soo much time, to reach up to this point and to learn things that I fell sorry for my blog itself. The blog is my own creation. The blog is my own business. I designed it myself, made it from nothing, from the beginning, with 0 knowledge. Hence, I am so proud of stuck with it. Really!

Blogging offers me learning experiences. I want to learn everything about it. Even the most difficult technical stuff. Blogging has sparked my imagination and creativity. It makes me more confident about my self, every single day. Moreover, shows me how to share my thoughts and inspire others. Through blogging, I have met so many wonderful people.

Whether it blogging or something else,
follow your passions. Even if you fail at least you tried! 

The most important.
Respect your readers, your blog is NOTHING without them. 

**Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. There are all products I love and recommend. Thank you for your support!

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