When you know that you don’t know it’s easier to stay calm and figure out your next step in life. Only brave people admit that they don’t have all the answers. Be brave!

It’s OK to be afraid in front of the unknown. It’s only fair to lose your strength when everything falls apart around you. There is no handbook on dealing with the unbearable challenges of real life, especially under the difficult conditions been created by the COVID19 pandemic.

Be kind to yourself and the people around you. Social distancing has put things in the right perspective. Health, both physical and mental, are the only priorities.

The courage to admit that you don’t have all the answers will open new doors inside your mind and will bring new possibilities and new ways to the table. When we don’t know, we are ready to try something new. We are ready to take the risk. And eventually to move on!

It's a new day, It's a new life for all of us

Be real… Now is not the time to worry about productivity goals but about health. Do whatever you need to do to get through this. Now mental & physical health is way more important than anything else. It’s fine to fail your productivity goals while you struggle to stay healthy. Stop punishing yourself for feeling anxiety or fear for the next day.

We all are swimming into unmapped waters.

I don’t know what the next day will bring for my family, my business, my friends and for myself. But I do know that I trust the willingness to create new habits and to adapt to all the upcoming changes. I have faith in human nature and our unquestionable ability to explore terra incognita beyond our comfort zone.

Focus on what really matters and create your new normal with an open heart and mind. Give more credit to your ability to adapt and thrive, even against the odds. Use this period of isolation as a step of self-discovery. Keep unnecessary noise away from you and use your skills to find your balance in this new path.

You don’t need another video or someone telling you what you are doing wrong. You just need to take a breath, accept the fact that everything changes and do your best to deal with what life throws at you (good or bad).

Stay true to yourself and values. It’s just a period of quarantine, not a period for finding excuses to be the worst version of yourself. Be the better person, always! Talk less and do more activities that can relieve your anxiety.

In times of uncertainty, keeping your spirit up becomes even more important. Make room for joy into your life. Quarantine life is also a reminder that the gift of being here & alive worths your smile.

Make good use of your time. Choose what brings you joy and not just things or activities that are trendy or obligatory.

Do the best you can. This is not a competition for who is the smartest person in the room… this is a real-life challenge.

Life is too short to let fear rule it. Stay calm, safe and healthy!

Areti Vassou

It's a new day, It's a new life for all of us - Areti Vassou
It’s a new day, It’s a new life for all of us – Areti Vassou

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