With nearly a decade of experience in the animation industry, working on projects for MTV, TVA, Alliance Atlantis, Mainframe Entertainment and Radical Entertainment, Chen Lizra’s intellect, imagination and creative thinking evolved her into a branding expert.

In 2009 & 2012 Chen was nominated as one of the “YWCA Women of Distinction in Vancouver,” and was recently honored by the Australian government with a Distinguished Talent Permanent Visa for her international achievements in the arts.

As the international author of “My Seductive Cuba, a unique travel guide”, Chen has won two awards in the US, including the prestigious IPPY Book Award. With a passion for dance and creative movement, Lizra offers students seduction workshops and focused lectures and seminars about the art of seduction in our everyday lives.

The power of seduction in our everyday lives by Chen Lizra @ TEDxVancouver

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Have a look at the original definition of seduction

Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person, to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; to corrupt, to persuade or induce to engage in sexual behaviour.

  • the act of seducing; especially:  the enticement of a person to sexual intercourse
  • something that seduces :  temptation
  • something that attracts or charms

The word seduction stems from Latin and means literally “to lead astray”.

As a result, the term may have a positive or negative connotation. Famous seducers from history or legend include Lilith, Giacomo Casanova and the fictional character Don Juan. Seduction as a phenomenon is not the subject of scientific interest, although similar, more specific terms like short-term mating, casual sex or mating strategies are used in evolutionary psychology. The Internet enabled the existence of a seduction community which is based on discourse on seduction.

Seduction, seen negatively, involves temptation and enticement, often sexual in nature, to lead someone astray into a behavioral choice they would not have made if they were not in a state of sexual arousal. Seen positively, seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone — male or female — by an appeal to the senses, often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears and leading to their “sexual emancipation”.

Some sides in contemporary academic debate state that the morality of seduction depends on the long-term impacts on the individuals concerned, rather than the act itself, and may not necessarily carry the negative connotations expressed in dictionary definitions.

 The power of seduction

Digital Marketing Experts & Luxury Brands

Re-Discovering The Fine Art Of Seduction

The digital era have created myriad new avenues to connect with consumers – but it has put luxury brands at risk of overexposure and losing their mystery and appeal. Dr Wayne Fletcher of communications & media agency Cream UK investigates: The Fine Art Of Seduction

 Twenty years ago luxury brands understood full well how to practice the fine art of seduction 

“Digital is opening up new avenues of consumer engagement and loyalty. That’s great. That’s wonderful. But let’s not let digital seduce us into behaviours that are incompatible with the values of luxury. Let’s use digital to enhance the art of seduction in luxury marketing. After all, sometimes less is a whole lot more.”

And the big  question is  Can Seduction Be A Form Of Marketing?…. In my opinion it is the starting pointing of all digital marketing strategies.

The power of seduction in our everyday lives

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