It is true that it is relatively easy to write down our goals (both professional and personal)and dreams for the new year but it is extremely difficult to realize them if we do not know the appropriate method. Especially for goals related to a career change or big life changes, it takes an extra effort from us to achieve everything we dream of.

Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?

There is no magical way to make any new-decisions-list come to action if you don’t move your feet and do all the hard work. Get up and do what you have to do! No one is coming to push you or save you from adult life. You are on your own. You are responsible for the life you are having, right now, right here.

Get real

Grab your notebook and start writing down all your goals. Then take a long break and the next day come back and read out loud your list. Pick the top 3 most important ones and make a clear plan on how to reach them. Be honest and realistic.

Give it a week and repeat the process. If you feel comfortable with the ones you have picked and the plan on hand then start doing all these tiny first baby steps towards a new direction.

Put Your Needs First

Permit yourself to think it over, take into the path of changing the little things before you make any big steps. Believe it or not, meditation over your new goals can help you to get into the vibes and activate your energy level.

Listen to the needs and dreams you hold inside you. Respect yourself. The goals you will set should be: smart, measurable, achievable, realistic so you can monitor their progress.

Get some ideas from this list:

  • Daily walking 1 hour.
  • Go to the gym 2 times/week.
  • Improve the second language.
  • Attend a conference as a speaker.
  • Read one new book every week.
  • Saving money for my trip to [fill the location you want].
  • Publish my own book.

Invest in Yourself

You may hear it often, but how often do you apply it? You are the only person who can motivate you to improve every aspect of yourself.

Adopt an attitude of continuous training and upgrading all of your skills. Every time you invest in yourself, it has an impact on all areas of your life.

Never stop learning and evolving. Make it a habit to learn something new every six months. The pace of development and changes are running at breakneck speed and if you want to grasp the pace, then do not stop educating yourself!

Make Rest a Top Priority

Clarity of mind and good mood are precious and you can experience them only after a good night’s sleep. Most people are continually under tremendous pressure to cope with daily activities and obligations, sacrificing the necessary time for physical and mental resting. 1 out of 2 adults suffers from sleep deprivation or psychological exhaustion.

Whatever your goals are, always put physical & mental health at the top of your priorities. Everything in real life depends on the quality of our health.

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