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Are you a blogger struggling to cope with SEO optimization but you keep hitting the wall?

Take a piece of paper, write down what you will like to ask and join us on Wednesday 6 June 2018, from 12.30 – 14.30 in this casual networking meeting. Cartone in Gazi Athens is famous for its coffee! And is so easy to come through Metro Station Kerameikos, only 1-minute walk.

Areti Vassou is an awarded Digital Marketing and SEO Expert and Head of Digital at IDEADECO, GRAFIMEDIA HEALTH IT, GRFMD and many other companies in Europe and USA.

We love Blogging

She will offer free advice on how to improve your blog SEO ranking and how to avoid common pitfalls into your website. For 2 hours you can ask for an advice about anything that gives you a headache on your blog or website.

Hey! Be a good sport and keep in mind that we will find a cozy corner inside the cafe and smoking won’t be an option. Bring your smile, your good mood, your questions and your laptop.

If the distance is an issue then jump into this webpage and send us your questions here.

The registration form for the meeting is here.

Admission: Free

– Available for 10 people

– Languages: English & Greek

– This event is sponsored by

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Ideadeco Areti Vassou Digital Marketing Expert

Why do people blog?

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Content Creation

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Graphic Design Basics

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SEO Tips

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SEO Check List

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Networking Event by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

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