Essential Life Lessons Gained During Quarantine Lockdown

Trust and hope can help us go beyond our comfort zone. When everything falls apart and life seems to be extremely challenging it’s quite helpful to slow down and do your very best to adapt to the new normality.

My quarantine tip: Stay alive and kicking, you don’t need permission to do what pleases your heart and have fun. Keep your spirit up! It’s up to you how you are going to react over things that you don’t control.

In times of uncertainty, keeping your spirit up becomes even more important. Make room for joy into your life. Quarantine life is also a reminder that the gift of being here & alive worths your smile. Make good use of your time. Choose what brings you joy and not just things or activities that are trendy or obligatory. Have a look at this article on how we managed to cope with the stress of lockdown.

The moment you realize that you can control almost nothing, you set yourself free to use your power for finding balance in life. Find the courage to admit that you don’t have all the answers. It will open new doors inside your mind and will bring new possibilities and new ways on the table.

Only fools believe that they know everything. Only brave people admit that they don’t have all the answers. It’s OK to be afraid in front of the unknown. It’s only fair to lose your strength when everything falls apart around you. There is no handbook on dealing with the unbearable challenges of real life, especially under the difficult conditions been created by the COVID19 pandemic.

Be kind to yourself and the people around you. Social distancing has put things in the right perspective. Health, both physical and mental, are the only priorities.

Be grateful for the family and friends near you. Talk to them regularly through the phone or even via video calls. Human communication is a remedy in times of uncertainty.

Permit yourself the luxury of daydreaming. For us it was inspiring and motivating to watch our friends and colleagues adventures just before the spread of this pandemic. Our dear friend and photographer Monika Kritikou gave us some unique moments from this amazing trip to Kiruna, Sweden.

Of course life doesn’t stop just because we are staying at home for more than 45 days. The global WordPress Community has decided to run the beloved yearly WordCamp Europe online, for the first time in the history of WordCamps. Great news for all WordPress lovers out there, including myself!

MEET THE NEW ONLINE WORDCAMP EUROPE 2020. Yes, we love WordPress code, spirit, community and all WordCamps. Nothing can stop us from smiling again! 

In other words, life always finds ways to surprise us. And most of the times, solutions can rise even in the darkest hours. Have faith in our ability to move on. Together we can make it through this. We are apart but not alone!

Essential Life Lessons Gained During Quarantine Lockdown
Essential Life Lessons Gained During Quarantine Lockdown

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