The secret power of a good storyteller

Great stories have the unique power to change the way we see the world and the way we feel. But to tell a story you must show up, speak up and make your voice loud & clear. Don’t seek appreciation or acception. Just share your truth with the best possible way. And above and beyond everything, stay true to yourself.

The secret power of exceptional storytellers is their willingness to share their own truth through their stories. And good timing!

This principle is the stepping stone of unselfish storytelling. It drives the creator to tell a story for the pleasure of creativity or to bring joy and information to the listener’s ears or eyes. To make them feel better and safer. To remind them that good things are happening in life. Just to spread the beauty of an uplifting story.

You may gain nothing from that but your listeners will be inspired. And we tend to trust people that inspire us. Don’t you agree?

Do you remember which people were your most favorite ones during your childhood? Those who always wanting something from you or those you enjoyed playing with them?

Personally, I still remember one of my older cousins and her amazing bedtime stories with friendly ghosts and monsters who wanted to learn music. Her stories made me look into the unknown having the best intentions to understand it. When I meet people that sound like her, or dress like her I tend to trust them much easier.

Now, let me ask you one more time… What do we gain from unselfish storytelling?

We gain the attention and trust of our listeners. And that is the most valuable currency in the world.

Dare to be authentic by creating content that make this world a better place. Dare to be a real voice into a world of automated digital actions. Protect creativity and kindness with your heart.

Open your heart to the people. Tell a story that worths attention. That’s what content creators are meant to do. To tell a great story and make people remember their story.

Have a look at all the basic principles that form a great story structure in this short guide.

The secret power of a good storyteller is the truth

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