Discover Syros Island

Most people are familiar with Santorini and Mykonos island but the majestic beauty of Cyclades has one hidden gem that only well-travelled souls can name. The island of Syros.

Syros is the Queen of Greek Islands! There are 6,000 islands in the Greek Archipelagos, scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited. It is safe to say that Greece is the top island-lover summer destination!

Syros has plenty of sandy quiet beaches, perfect for a family or for people that like to hear the sound of waves. Although you may think that Syros is not a popular tourist destination you will be surprised how difficult it is to find one room during summertime.

Discover Syros Island

When an island is in the center of Cyclades then it’s perfect for island hopping. Flights go daily to and from Athens. It is only 3.5 hours away from Athens and less than an hour away from Mykonos, and Tinos. It is really close to Paros, Naxos, Andros, Santorini and it’s a-must-visit-summer-destination-in-Greece!

Discover Syros Island
Discover Syros Island

Syros is next to Mykonos and Tinos but it has an aristocratic charm dear to all the visitors mainly from North Europe and the USA. All slow living and hygge movement supporters are drawn by Syros mentality and way of living. Of course, the festivals and the vivid art scene, with the majestic beauty of the 1,300 Neoclassical buildings, and the incredible cuisine makes this island a top must-visit-destination in Greece.

Visit Syros Island

Discover Syros Island

You can visit and discover Syros through daily transportation. It is connected to all major airports and ship home ports of Greece & Europe. Mainly it is one of the safest travel destinations in Greece. You can leave your car unlocked in the center of the capital city and no one will bother to take anything.

The capital city of Syros is Ermoupolis. And Syros is the capital of Cyclades and that’s the reason it’s called the Queen of Cyclades. You can find interesting museums to visit, plenty of art exhibitions and global festivals that attract people from all around the world. Also the historical and unique Apollon Theater will make you feel like you are in Milan Scala, as it is a smaller model of the Teatro alla Scala.

After attending the famous Festival of the Aegean, you will discover that this island can make you think of the possibility to live forever walking its romantic streets. In this island you feel like you are back home. It feels like a warm and friendly nest.

Summer Vacations in Vari Syros

Vari bay is located on the south-eastern coast, is the most sheltered beach of Syros, ideal for families with children. Well organized, offering umbrellas, sunbeds and provides the opportunity for water sports.

The nearby village contains a variety of traditional and modern restaurants with fresh fish. A walk around the area is simply only offering the best sunset views. Vari is easily accessible from the Ermoupolis as well as being a focal point for excursions throughout the island of Syros.

Vari beach is only 20 minutes away by car from Ermoupoli. There are wonderful hotels with friendly prices ready to accommodate visitors all year long. My family prefers the Atlantis Syros Hotel for the amazing view and their great services. It is only 5 minutes’ walking distance away from the beach. The rooms are sparkling clean and the breakfast will make you ask for more. Traditional and homemade goodies for everyone!

Discover Syros Island
Syros Atlantis Hotel in Vari

Syros Atlantis Hotel

Syros Atlantis Hotel is located 80 meters away from the famous Vari Beach. The bay of Vari is an organized sandy beach with shallow waters. It offers everything a guest can want such as, a picturesque natural landscape, azure waters, easy access, summer & water sports, sunbeds and umbrellas and traditional Greek taverns. The beach even has thick sand perfectly suitable for aspiring sandcastles architects.

This family hotel has a dedicated concierge team that aims to cater to the guest’s every desire. They pay attention to all the details, cleaning standards and they put health regulations at the top.

During breakfast, you won’t believe how many local products and traditional recipes are available for you to choose from.

The team of Syros Atlantis Hotel wants to remain loyal to their Cycladic traditions and offer their guests a healthy and tasty local breakfast. And they bake it in their oven!

For coffee lovers, this is the place to be! In their serene and sunny garden you will be able to sit and relax while enjoying their specialty coffees, homemade pastry as well as healthy traditional snacks.

In case you want to explore the island then they can recommend the best routes and activities for you. Go for an unforgettable boat tour, enliven romance with a sunset daily cruise, partake in a series of delicious cooking courses, embark on thrilling hiking and climbing excursions, relax with soothing massages or yoga and celebrate a special day with a private party. You name it and consider it done! They know all the ropes!

Syros Atlantis Hotel in Vari
Syros Atlantis Hotel in Vari

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