Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there were words that nobody used anymore. They were words that had been forgotten by the people, words that had lost their meaning and their power. These words were lost and lonely, and they longed to be remembered and spoken once again.

One day, a young girl named Maria was walking through the forest when she heard a faint whisper. She followed the sound, and soon she came upon a group of lost words huddled together in a clearing.

The lost words looked up at Maria with hopeful eyes, and they whispered to her, “Please help us, young girl. We are lost and forgotten, and we long to be remembered.”

Maria was touched by the lost words’ plight, and she vowed to help them. She asked the lost words to tell her their names, and they whispered their forgotten names to her one by one. Each word said:

I am the lost Lexoula Lexithiria and my name means the search for rare words and expressions and their use in spoken or written language (λεξιθηρία =η αναζήτηση σπάνιων λέξεων και εκφράσεων και η χρησιμοποίησή τους στον προφορικό ή γραπτό λόγο).

Maria listened carefully, and she repeated each name aloud, savoring the sound of the words on her tongue. As she spoke each lost word, she felt its power and its meaning returning.

The lost words were overjoyed, and they thanked Maria for helping them. They promised to stay close to her, guide her, and protect her with their newly regained strength.

From that day on, Maria and the lost words became inseparable. They roamed the land together, spreading the power and the beauty of language. And whenever Maria felt lost or alone, the lost words whispered to her, reminding her of the magic and the wonder of words.

And so, the lost words were lost no more. They had found a new home in Maria’s heart, and they would never be forgotten again.

Mini Copywriter Lexoula - Collection Ideadeco Collectibles
Mini Copywriter Lexoula – Collection Ideadeco Collectibles

IDEADECO Collectibles Collection

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new IDEADECO Collectibles Collection. Designed and crafted in collaboration with MyTinyBox Designer Nina Liri. This is a Limited Edition Art Dolls Series, all signed by Areti Vassou and Nina Liri.

Spring Collectibles Collection includes a series of 6 handmade soft dolls named after the word Lexoula. Each Lexoula Doll has a unique story to share. Today we are welcoming Lexoula Lexithiria.

Mini Copywriter Lexoula by Areti Vassou Easter Collection

For Easter, the package includes a kraft house box, an Easter candle, a chocolate egg by Venetis, and a surprise gift pinned on the dress. Hint, you can wear it. All delivered to your door!

Become part of the Fellowship of Word Protectors and order your own Lexoula. In less than a week you will have Lexoula on your hands.

IDEADECO Collectibles Collection – Designed and crafted in collaboration with MyTinyBox Designer Nina Liri. This is a Limited Edition Art Dolls Series, all signed by Areti Vassou and Nina Liri.

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All IDEADECO Collectible Collections are limited edition series of handmade art objects. Our next collection will be available on 1st May 2023.

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