SEM For Beginners

By Ani Miteva

This new business-oriented blog has some serious free golden tips to offer about SEM – Search Engine Marketing. Dive in and learn how to master SEM.

Ani: “Today, we are going to talk about SEM or Search Engine Marketing, aka the paid way to appear on the first pages of Google. Money can’t buy everything…but it can buy you ad space on Google. As advertising on TV has become rather obsolete for catching up with millennials, companies have smartly moved towards Digital Marketing and advertising in order to capture clients in their second home: the Internet.”

“As I very briefly mentioned in my previous post on SEO, there are two ways to appear among the first results on a search engine:

SEO – the freeway. By creating a good quality website and getting people to talk about you on their own webpage, you can get a high ranking on Google without having to spend a single cent at all.

SEM – the paid way. If waiting for at least a year to start appearing on the first pages of Google is not your cup of tea, and you are okay with spending some money on advertising, this is the solution for you! Search Engine Marketing allows you to place ads on Google through a bidding system, but we will go into much more detail in a couple of minutes.”


Ideadeco:  Many people are asking if they can choose only one. What is your opinion?

Ani: “No! No, don’t do that. SEO and SEM actually complement each other, so unless you really don’t have any budget to spend on Google ads, in an ideal situation you should be doing both. SEO brings visitors interested in the content of your website, and SEM is in charge of those people who want to hear your best offers and discounts at the moment of searching.

In other words, try to get the best of both worlds in order to attract as many visitors as possible to your website.”

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Who is Ani Miteva

“My name is Ani Miteva, I am from Bulgaria, and I decided to start this blog with the purpose of providing useful information and tips on popular and not-so-popular Digital Marketing tools.

My website is oriented towards people with a background in Marketing, Business, Sales and Advertising who are seeking to improve their business strategy and performance. However, it’s also dedicated to the curious souls that are thirsty for knowledge. Basically, everyone is welcome!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, complaints or feedback, feel free to share them with me! I am always trying to improve myself, and as a Marketer, I know very well that feedback is the best thing a company (or in my case, a blog) could receive.

Also, please let me know if you would like me to write the blog in Spanish and/or Bulgarian as well!”

You can get in touch with her on LinkedIn and Facebook, or send her an e-mail.

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