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Reddit calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet” and it is absolutely true. Reddit is the 25th most popular site in the world. Reddit gets about 542 million visitors per month on the site. Here are the basic steps on how to use Reddit to drive traffic to your website or blog.


How to Use Reddit Correctly

Choose A Relevant Subreddit

Subreddit:  Is a topic section. Users inside this section can discuss everything about the specific topic.

Audience: Think about who you want to read your posts. Choose your audience before you decide in which subreddit you should engage with. If you have a blog about business, the “Business” subreddit might be the perfect place for you to post relevant content.

Respect the Rules — Or Be Banned

Do not advertise directly on Reddit. Users want excellent content, not advertisements.

Keep your ears and eyes open

Notice which topics are more trendy or hot by watching different  discussions relevant to your industry. If you’re on a subreddit called “Social Media Nomads” and you notice that everyone is mostly discussing about Snapchat, then you could generate content and share it directrly to this topic. This can help you build authority value.

Keep in mind that people inside Reddit can distinguish the difference between good or bad content. Do not risk to be banned due to low value content. If it is not valuable then don’t post it. Valuable content equals to valuable website/blog and that generates more traffic and visitors.

Use it Don’t Abuse  it

Be patient. It takes time to get results. But even when you start seeing great results never forget to respect the rules! Moderators are everywhere and they double check everything inside the platform. Click here to view Reddit’s content policy.


Reddit Summary

  • Find a relevant subreddit
  • Read the rules and regulations of that subreddit
  • Note the relevant discussions on that subreddit
  • Create valuable content for that subreddit
  • Post your content when users are most active
  • Be careful or you  will get banned


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