You may think we have spent an enormous advertising budget for Ideadeco’s Newsletter Email List but that’s not true. The only cost we are paying is only our monthly subscription to Mailchimp.

We started with only 100 Newsletter subscribers and today we have grown into a huge community of 50.268 people. Do you want to learn how we accomplished it?

Firstly we deliver what we promise and secondly we create newsletters that we would love to read as subscribers.

Our newsletter ring our subscribers’ doorbell once a month with a variety of topics about SEO, copywriting, creativity, life lessons, traveling, digital nomads, digital marketing, social media and, bussiness news. And as it seems, they do enjoy what they read because we have a positive open rate of 68% – 75% every single month. Additionally, our existing subscribers keep inviting their friends into following our newsletter. Therefore, we don’t need to pay any kind of advertising fees on any online platform.

At the end of our Newsletter we have one Call To Action that goes like this:

If you like what you read then invite your friends to join us!
Feel free to share your feedback with us at

Pretty simple right? But so effective!

We keep our Monthly Newsletter, clean, easy to read and, full of useful information. Have a look at our last newsletter:


Are you ready for the big news?

Open your calendar and save the dates for the next Ideadeco Workshops & Meetups in Athens, Greece.

This May it is going to be an unforgettable ride. It is full of Ideadeco Events in Athens and one island: Aegina.

The team of IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency has prepared 6 intensive SEO Copywriting Workshops in Greece, during the summer of 2022. Find out why we were fully booked without running any kind of advertisement.

How do people find out about our workshops?

Once again: Word of mouth!

All the previous participants spread the word about our Copywriting Workshops among their network of friends and colleagues. So many people reached out and asked to be added to the waiting list for the next workshops. When the time came, we accepted and 84 people signed up.

We design 100% personalized premium education experiences all over Greece and all attendees love them. Discover more about IDEADECO Summer Copywriting Workshops in Greece.

Travel, explore and, enjoy the creative process of copywriting in Greece.

Did you know that?

We prefer to show people how to master their skills the best way they can, using their own digital assets. That’s why we keep our workshops low-key and with only a few participants for each circle. We want people to have the perfect amount of time and space so they can actually learn.

We care.

We share our experience.

We answer all the questions attendees have.

Now that you have seen our Newsletter with your own eyes you know that we do our very best to keep it fresh and enjoyable as a conversation between friends.

Our Newsletter Growth Tips

After publishing our monthly newsletter, we share it across all our branded social media channels but never on the same day. This is what we do:

  1. On the first day, we share it on Ideadeco’s Facebook business page.
  2. The next day, we share it on Twitter and on our personal Facebook accounts.
  3. On the third day, we select the best Facebook groups and we start sharing on one in the morning zone and one in the evening zone. This usually lasts up to two weeks because we collaborate with a list of 28 top-quality Facebook groups.
  4. Also, on the third day, we share it on LinkedIn (company page, 2-4 groups and personal accounts)
  5. Pinterest follows our sharing strategy for the following week but on different boards.
  6. On the fourth day, we share our Newsletter on Tumblr.
  7. On the fifth day, we share it on Reddit and Quora.
  8. At the beginning of the next week, we create a new relevant article on Medium, with plenty of links to the Newsletter and of course our website.
  9. During the second week, we create a new article on our blog with an entirely new title and similar keywords but we make sure to link to the original newsletter. We give people plenty of good reasons to follow and subscribe to our email list. Like this article, that you are reading right now. In some cases, we may need a gap of four weeks before publishing a new article.
  10. In the third week, we use the body of the newsletter to create a podcast or even some new articles for our blog.
  11. During the third week, we recycle top-performing quotes from our newsletter into our Instagram content.
  12. In some cases, we create short YouTube videos, Tik Tok videos and Facebook & Instagram Videos from the Newsletter’s Content.
  13. We also, introduce our previous Newsletters to our email personal network as a suggestion to “read this source” which usually turns people into subscribers.
  14. In our workshops and company events, we give attendees the opportunity to discover our Newsletter. Truth be told, 50% of our subscribers come from our events.
  15. In the fourth week, we create our LinkedIn Newsletter based on our previous Ideadeco Newsletter’s content.
  16. We encourage people to share our Newsletters by actually saying thank you.

The Power of Word of Mouth in Email Marketing

Word of Mouth Equals To Pure Gold

As simple as that!

Every single time I am participating in a workshop, seminar, business meeting, webinar, presentation, or even a trip for pleasure, my verbal call to action is this: “you can visit my website or my newsletter for more interesting tips.”

And most people actually do!

Most people like this approach because you have already been connected and have seen things eye to eye, up to a certain level. That common ground is the starting point of genuine engagement… You know this warm feeling when you go that extra mile and you offer something really helpful?

That’s the hook of connectivity between strangers. Generosity and kindness. Give a tip of your knowledge for free. Make your skills useful to others. When you really share a moment of communication with others usually they want to keep this feeling alive, so they go ahead and sign up.

After the first six months, I stopped spending my money on paid promo actions. Started to show up in volunteering positions for educational events close to my business field. Gradually people started to signup for my newsletter and their recommendations lead others to follow my newsletter.

Before the end of 2016, more than 2500 people were receiving my monthly newsletter. Since then we have reached (organically) an astonishing number of 50.268 subscribers. You may say that this number it’s not that impressive but please think again.

Can you make people follow your digital voice without spending even one dollar on advertising activities?

Spoiler: Apart from the Mailchimp subscription, I haven’t spent any ad-related money since the first half of 2016 until this day. And new subscribers keep coming every single day.

Here is the secret: work to earn people’s respect not just their attention.

Feel free to visit Ideadeco Newsletter for many useful tips. Check us out!

Focus On Your Subscribers

Sorry for not giving you the popular hocus-pocus magical techniques for the growth of your mailing list, but is really out of my character to grab a person’s email + name by giving a sweet carrot via a variety of tricks like download this, get that, get all the book, get a ticket and blah, blah, blah…

Produce something interesting, create outstanding content, solve a problem, make people notice that you are a trustworthy source of information, make people admire your work, and let them follow your journey.

If a person wants to sign up on your mailing list (with their free will) it means that you are doing a hell good job in your industry. For example, I follow people and brands that inspire me to the bone. I would even prefer to pay to join their mailing list… this is how much I love their work in their field.

In my humble opinion and the evidence of 50.268 Newsletter subscribers, I protest against the abuse of aggressive email marketing in the digital world. Stop feeding this bad practice of grabbing (legal or illegal) the people’s emails. There is absolutely no excuse for adopting this kind of digital behavior.

It’s abusive to force a person to give you his/her email as in exchange for information. Either you are ready to share a piece of valuable information or you aren’t. But if you want to sell your product/service/app then use your website or eshop.

The secret of a successful attraction hook for new subscribers should be ONLY your outstanding work.

How Ideadeco Newsletter Reached 50.268 Subscribers
How Ideadeco Newsletter Reached 50.268 Subscribers

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