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If you use social media and publish updates or you create articles & blog posts then you already are a content creator. There are hundreds of content types we use and publish daily. As you can imagine LinkedIn is one of the channels we publish content for a variety of reasons. Join our upcoming LinkedIn Workshop by IDEADECO, on 21 March 2022 and learn how you can elevate both your profile and your content’s viewability. Keep reading the Newsletter...

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Let’s see how you can use Pinterest like a Pro. Put your work in front of 450 million users and double your traffic (and your sales).

Pinterest is the place for inspiration and endless opportunities for self-improvement and brand promotion. It’s where you go to learn how to make chicken salad, find the best books, discover locations only a few have visited, get crafty with your kids, discover the best new indie bands in your area, find business tips and so many other things. In other words, it’s awesome!

Pinterest is a popular social media platform. In general, is an image sharing and social media service designed to host selected visual & video content saved by the users. These images, videos and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs are saved in the form of pinboards.

Pinterest was founded in December 2009, in California, by Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul Sciarra. Nowadays more than 450 million people are using Pinterest monthly. Keep reading the Newsletter...

Discover Ideadeco Content Creators Newsletter on LinkedIn

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Is there someone here who doesn’t want to take their Instagram to the next level? Check out these actionable tips that will build community, follower numbers, and likes on your photos.

What is the first thing that someone sees about you on Instagram? Your Instagram bio details. Let’s start from the very beginning of your Instagram account. These optimization steps will skyrocket your Instagram and increase engagement. Keep reading the Newsletter…

Discover Ideadeco Content Creators Newsletter on LinkedIn

About LinkedIn Newsletters*

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter: You can create a newsletter as yourself or as a LinkedIn Page. Anyone can discover, read, and share your LinkedIn newsletter. LinkedIn members can also subscribe to it.

As a newsletter author, you get to write about a professional topic you care about on a regular basis. Members can subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates when you publish something new. The most engaging newsletters specifically address a unique topic consistently enough that subscribers look forward to the next article.

Follow these steps to create a newsletter on LinkedIn:

  1. Click Write an article at the top of the homepage. This takes you to the publishing tool.
  2. Click Create a newsletter.
  3. Add a title, description, and logo for your newsletter and click Done.
    • Don’t add emojis into the title of your newsletter
  4. Once you have created a newsletter, you’ll see your newsletter title near the upper right corner of the page. If you don’t see the newsletter title, click on the dropdown menu and select the newsletter you want to write in.
  5. You can now write the first article for your newsletter.
    • You can publish up to one article every 24 hours.
  6. Once the article is ready to be published, click Publish at the top of the screen.
    • A window will pop up for you to add more context. You can comment on what this specific newsletter article is about, ask questions of your readers, and @mention or add #hashtags. When you click Post, your newsletter will also be shared in the feed.
    • Once you publish your first article, a page for your newsletter is automatically created with an overview of your newsletter, your profile information, and a list of the articles in the newsletter. You can use your newsletter page to provide a preview of your newsletter and share it on or off LinkedIn to increase your reach. You do not have to be logged in to view the page but members must log in to subscribe or share it on LinkedIn.
    • Share your newsletter article on your other social channels to drive more engagement across your entire audience.
    • By default, your connections and followers will be invited by notification to subscribe to your newsletter once the first article of your newsletter has been successfully published. Subscribing means they’ll receive a notification and email when you write a new newsletter article.

Important: Authors can only create and maintain one newsletter at a time. If you delete your newsletter, you will be limited in your ability to create a new one.

Here are some tips about newsletter access with creator mode:

  • With creator tool access, you can get access to LinkedIn Newsletter if you turn on creator mode and you meet the newsletter access criteria. Current newsletter authors will retain access regardless of whether or not creator mode is turned on.
  • To find out if creator tool access is available to you:
  1. Visit the Creator hub. If you have creator tool access, you will see the Creator tools section in the Creator hub. If you do not see this section, please check back in the coming weeks.
  2. If you see the Creator tools section and you meet the newsletter access criteria, it will say Available next to Newsletters. We’re currently not accepting one off requests for access to author newsletters.
  • To create a newsletter, click Write an article at the top of the homepage. This takes you to the publishing tool. If you have access to newsletters, you’ll see the Create a newsletter option here. Learn more about creating a newsletter and get best practices.

You can leverage newsletters on LinkedIn to talk about a professional topic you’re passionate about on a regular basis. LinkedIn members can subscribe to your newsletter to be notified about new articles you publish, allowing you to build and grow a regularly engaged audience.

*All guidelines are from LinkedIn Help Center.

To state the obvious: you need to have a LinkedIn account in order to publish articles & newsletters.

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