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What is Fashion for a Fashion Style Blogger?

Is it about having fun? WHY NOT?

Ready to follow the new in fashion I woke up today, 2nd day of the 1st Fur Shopping Festival in Kastoria, Greece in a playful mood. The emerging idea of colors and style for AW17 responded to my  creative freedom in styling and gave birth to an easygoing dress code.


Beyond the trends and making a step forward, I decided to celebrate the diversity of colors with enthusiasm and style. I focused on designer’s collections for autumn-winter 16-17. Fur is shown in almost all the major collections this season from Vera Wang, Dries Van Noten, Acne, Marni, Max Mara, Lanvin, House of Holland, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch to Fendi, Prabal Gurung and Amanda Wakeley.
Fashion in the city with Chrysanthi Kosmatou Fashion Stylist

Fashion in the city with Chrysanthi Kosmatou Fashion Stylist

There is a mood to explore new color shades and stand out of the crowd. All types of fur,whether are natural or not seem to challenge designer’s creative imagination. From mink to goat and fox,in coats or jackets fur is used in original mixtures of raw materials.
More surprisingly,however, colors are alive,bright,positive and relaxed. These colors gave birth to my today’s walk in the city and added style to my dress code. I’ve chosen to wear a fox fur jacket without sleeves as in my eyes, it looks more sporty,less formal and above all elegant choice for attending fashion events all day Long.
Fashion in the city with Chrysanthi Kosmatou Fashion Stylist

Fashion in the city with Chrysanthi Kosmatou Fashion Stylist

A mixture of pale blue with pale gold color, it has brightened my mood and made my day better. It’s just the ultimate feeling for me. Many say that gray and blueare the key colors of this decade. I believe that the mixture of color shades and fabrics is the key in fashion to update your look. This is the reason that I really loved to wear my cashmere sweater in baseline blue.
What about mix sartorial glamor with casual wear and create an everyday look ? In some way, I couldn’t resist to this idea. The key lies in deliberate my creative imagination and proves to myself that when I think about it,then all of a sudden I can do it! Yes,that’s true I can walk in the city with STYLE!
Come for a walk with me and follow my instant inspiration. I called this outfit  Flame alert! It is an outstanding long fox jacket in flame orange,without sleeves which offered me a sense of generous joy with unlimited possibilities for my wardrobe. The luxury of the white classic men shirt adds a touch of warm light shade.My knitted tie in lavender blue gives a men’s retro touch to my outfit,a cozy detail that suits perfectly with my fur jacket.
My bleach-splattered denim seems to say it loud : let creativity set free your mind. This is a story of a poetic mood to create a style without rules with a little romance and a memory of youth romance. The fabric is the protagonist and creates what I call unique identity.
Fashion for me is not just wearing clothes.When you ask me how I create my personal dress code, then I feel free to tell you :
Just walk in the city with style. Fashion is about having fun. WHY not?

♦STYLING & COLOR : Think-Feel-Discover.com 

♦Photographer credits : Think-Feel-Discover.com

♦Special Thanks for the amazing Fur jackets to www.artfur-moda.com


by Chrysanthi Kosmatou


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