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No woman can resist the beauty of a handmade dress or wedding dress. Atelier Tsourani, downtown Athens, has created some of the most iconic wedding dresses of the last 20 years. Style is always in fashion!

If some of our female friends out there are getting married and are looking for the perfect wedding dress, then this Fashion Event at Atelier Tsourani, is for you!


Fashion Event Atelier Tsourani



Win a Wedding Gown

Visit the Fashion Event, subscribe here and take part in the draw for a handmade wedding dress for free!

Come to Atelier Tsourani Fashion Event on Wednesday 17 October 2018 at 6 pm, and discover the collection of bridal and evening dresses by the well-known designer Sabrina Tsourani.

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You will be able to try fashionable dresses and one lucky lady will win a wedding dress by Sabrina Tsourani Collection, after a draw that will take place in the ateliers’ room.

Sign up for the participation in the draw, here: Google form

Don’t miss this amazing Fashion Event. Limited seats available! 

Fashion Event Atelier Tsourani


Atelier Tsourani

Sabrina Tsourani created the Atelier Tsourani, 25 years ago. Her love for fashion and beauty urged her to design her fashion forward collections. Tsourani Dresses are famous for their elegant style. Most of her designs are consider to be a must-have vintage outfits.

Younger generations of women keep as a treasure at least one piece of Tsourani Collections. Sabrina Tsourani has created outstanding evening, cocktail and wedding dresses, fashion accessories, timepieces, while maintaining her stylish tradition and originality. Her products are sold throughout the Atelier & Showroom Tsourani (Alketou 1, Athens 11633) as well as through her online store

Atelier Tsourani provides tailor-made Haute Couture


New Fashion Ideas

Fashion has a huge impact on our culture as well as in our everyday life. It has a very strong impact on the social culture. As a matter of fact, as the fashion industry is changing, it also influences the frame and code of our thoughts inside the society we live in.

It also influences how we communicate or how we determine the most popular trends. It shapes the way we combine fabrics, colors, the way we travel, the way we communicate or work. Fashion in the long term is forming the way we live, in the most unexpected details.

The effect of Fashion in our life gives us the benefit of trying something new. Through fashion, we are able to re-establish new options of ourselves. A very good example are celebrities. They collaborate with famous fashion designers in order to build their personal sense of style. They pay a lot of money to have the best result and they aim very high. Celebrities want to be recognized as fashion icons and they invest time & energy so they can close better marketing or business deals later on.

Read Dimitris Katris (Co-Owner of Atelier Tsourani)  interview about Fashion and Social Media here>>

Visit Atelier Tsourani official website and follow them on their social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+

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