It comes a point in life where you realize that you should stop blaming others for your choices. Nobody owes you anything in life. The sooner you get it, the better.

There are no perfect stories in real life, only imperfect people that sometimes dare to walk outside of their comfort zone. Get comfortable with walking into uncomfortable conditions. It’s a solid fact that we live the life we create for ourselves and some kind of failure always occurs.

Most of the time, life is beyond our control. As soon as you learn how to gracefully get on your feet, then you officially will discover the best parts of adulthood. Life goes on. It is what it is!

Thinking & Doing Are Not The Same

Back in 2000, my third company started its journey. We had our ups and downs but it’s still thriving through constant changes. All the big decisions in life are triggered by the acceptance that all things come to an end. My previous companies served me well up to a point. Then the right time arrived to let them go and move on to the next step.

After all, what you own is not who you are! When we are ready to let go of what is familiar in order to create a new chapter for us then we tend to open up in the wildness of the unknown. That is what keeps us mentally healthy. And only a healthy mind can show kindness and generosity.

Offer your caring attention generously and you will be surprised how joy and happiness will find ways to return back to you.

Some years ago, my best friend gave me this sign to hang over my desk. Honestly, it has inspired me to build my companies and find the strength to change my life several times: Everything is doable!

Entrepreneurship Life Lessons

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Every time there was a meeting with clients, they insisted to wait for the boss before we started any presentation. Funny thing, right? They just couldn’t accept that the boss was sitting in front of them but she was wearing a skirt.

In business, numbers have a way to convince people what’s best for their companies. And our numbers were fascinating. Our clients’ financial success lead us to the top of the market in the following years. And there I was again, selling my second company to a fellow web designer in the USA.

Seek No Approval. Just Go for It!

When I started my first company everyone around me was trying to convince me how stupid I was for wanting to build my own brand. Back in 1991, being a young woman in Tech wasn’t a common thing. Especially if there wasn’t any male figure to back up my plans. Even my parents thought that I was crazy for wanting to create an online business.

But I did it. And sold my first company 2 years later at a very good price. A year later, a friend asked me to do him a favor and redesign his website. My next company, started the same year offering web design services for small businesses.

Never forget that silence is gold. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

Entrepreneurship Life Lessons

Human Life is Short

Never forget that everything changes, every single second.

When we start to value the small things then gradually they form a new pattern for us to walk. Have you noticed what happens when your favorite coffee is not available anymore? You get frustrated. These minor little things when suddenly stripped out of our everyday routine can leave a sense of emptiness.

Fight the emptiness with mindfulness. Choose wisely with who and why you spend your time with. Business choices are equally important for our self-improvement and business growth. A lot of people prefer to divide their existence into two or even three personalities. The private self, the business self, and the secret self.

Well, being brave enough to combine all three and walk as a complete human being can make you fearless. In life and in the business world. Wanting to become likable won’t be your main concern. Peace of mind turns out to be the most powerful drug in the world… once you nail the road to it nothing can distract you from creating your own path.

Entrepreneurship Life Lessons

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Time, Just Do It. Now.

No matter how successful you are or how much money is saved in your bank account there are two major elements in life that really make a difference. Joy & Happiness.

Even under the influence of difficult conditions, we all can experience joy from everyday little things. Joy and happiness is a state of mind that affects our entire life.

Personally have never failed to believe that the smallest things can have the biggest impact on our life. A kind word, a warm smile, a tender look, a graceful silence, a cup of tea just as you like it, a hi-miss-you quick call, a surprise silly-but-funny gift and so many more that can turn the table in a sec and may help to escape worries or problems at any given time.

Being an adult requires a heavy effort in many and various fields but still… We all can choose how to react and handle the uncertainty of life. And as precious as life is, sometimes it doesn’t feel easy to wake up in the morning with a big smile on our face.

We only have to pay attention to all those small details that strategically form the quality of our life. The people we work with are equally important as the people we share our personal life. Additionally, our everyday routine should bring back sparkles of excitement and not boredom. It’s up to us to make this happen.

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring and motivational piece. I resonate a lot with your message and I admire your willingness.

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