There are so many Destination Videographers in Greece that is really difficult to find the best fit for any project. After my latest experience while organizing a Destination Videography project in Santorini, here are my tips.

Firstly, search for local Destination Videographers. That will help you minimize the cost of paying huge extra fees in accommodation, insurance and transportation.

Secondly, locals know their area better than anyone else. Even the best Destination Videographer could never be able to get familiar with a location within 24 hours. Trust the local Pros… they know how to play ball in their playground!

In most cases, a local Destination Videographer can provide solutions in technical issues that go beyond your imagination. Have you ever tried to relocated a well-planned project into a new location at the last minute? Well, I have… and if it have the help from local Pros it would have been a disaster.

Alex Stabasopoulos Destination Videographer in Greece

Top Destination Videographer

In Greece

Find the perfect location and then look for the local Pros. This is how I met Alex Stabasopoulos – Destination Videographer. For I was looking for a Destination Videographer for a private seminar in Santorini.

Typing the exact words: destination + videographer + Santorini, his name and website were between the first 4 results. Of course, I clicked and start surfing into his website. This was the video that made me pick up the phone and call him.

It won me over with its high aesthetics, excellent quality and the artistic sensibility.

Beauty is a personal affair. Creating it, is your own piece of art. The bet for Alex Stabasopoulos Cinematography is to put its essence in a video of such artistic quality and style, that will be capable of appealing to the matching target group.

Video info: In Morocco, Mairi Mparola with her lovely wedding dresses, Konstantinos & Peter Sofikitis and Alex Stabasopoulos with his cameras and directorial touch, invites our senses into a magical journey.

Alex Stabasopoulos Destination Videographer in Greece

Who is Alex Stabasopoulos

Alex Stabasopoulos is a Destination Videographer, specialized in Wedding Videography in Greece.

Focusing on your personal love story, Alex Stabasopoulos is inspired by the enchanting Greek colors, sounds, and scents. Combining these together he creates the film of your special, beautiful moments!

First of all, being for many years a qualified videographer, he owns a variety of specialized skills as well as the appropriate technical equipment for unique wedding videos. Furthermore, his anthropocentric model of work is the guarantee you seek. Finally, his aesthetic quality is based on the simplicity of beauty and the seductive power of real emotions.

He adores Greece and making unforgettable films. The beauty of Greek islands and the Aegean blue, the gold of the Ionian coastline and the magnificent Greek sunlight are the sources of his inspiration.

Is there a soul on earth that wouldn’t agree with him?

This is not a sponsored post. We love to share our experiences and the inspiring stories of great professionals.

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