All new bloggers know that Instagram is the number one social media channel to build your brand and grow your community. Use these carefully selected top hashtags for new bloggers and drive more traffic, visits and clicks to your blog.

And after an hour of scrolling, it is quite obvious that Instagram Community adores hashtags. Keep in mind that great photos perform better when are combined with a great story (caption) and the right group of hashtags. Instagram is all about engagement.

People love to read the story behind the photo. If you want to discover what can help your Instagram account to thrive then visit this article: Instagram Winning Tips.

New Bloggers Top Hashtags

As it seems the first six months of 2020 had been a booster for new bloggers. The quarantine lockdown due to COVID-19 has forced a huge amount of people to stay in and search for new ways of connection and expressing their creativity.

Since April, we have received 4.781 requests for guidance on how to set up a new WordPress Blog and on how to become an Instagram Blogger. Almost every single email had at least one question about which Instagram hashtags to use as a new blogger.

In this post, we will discuss the top hashtags for new bloggers. Let’s assume that you have covered the issue of taking great photos. Try to write captions that share your true story, your own point of view, and be as authentic as possible.

Open up to the world as if you are making a conversation with another person next to you… because this is what we actually do when we are posting a new caption on Instagram. Now add some of the following hashtags and see the results in the statistics.

Here is the first group of top-performing hashtags for new bloggers:

#blogging #bloggingcommunity #newblogger #bloggerlife #smallbloggers #blogginggals #blogandbeyond #thecaptionclub #creativegalgang #bloggerinspo #bloggerbabe #theblogissue #petiteblogger #bloggergirl #bloggersgetsocial #bloggersdiaries #microinfluencer #bloggergirls #bloggersofinstagram #instagramblogger #bloggerslifestyle #bloggersofinsta #bloggergram #blogsofinstagram #everysquareastory #newbloggerintown

Here is the second group of top performing hashtags for new bloggers:

#blogpost #blogger #personalblogger #bloggervibes #bloggingcommunity #smallbloggers #blogandbeyond #bloggerbabe #thecaptionclub #creativegalgang #blogandbeyond #thesehappysquares #smallbloggers #mylifeinsquares #reclaimthehappy #lifestyleblogging #discoverunder10k #bloggersofinsta #lifestyleblog #chattycaptioncommunity #cornersofmyworld #posttheordinary

Find More Top Hashtags

In the last 4 months, we conducted a hashtag A/B test for many popular groups of hashtags related to lifestyle bloggers and Instagrammers. See the results and use these top-performing hashtags!

How did this test occur in our content strategy test drives?

From November 2019 until mid-January 2020 we received 360 questions about which hashtags we recommend for content creators that prefer to promote a quiet way of living. Especially for content creators that seek organic results and real human connection with their audience. The majority of the bloggers were into the stream of slow living and creative mindset.

Avoid Banned Instagram Hashtags

Yes, there is a list with banned Instagram hashtags that you should avoid if you don’t want to get penalized by Instagram. The bad news is that this list is changing every week. The good news is that we can check our hashtags before we add them to our IG feed.

Although banned Instagram hashtags mean extra work for each post, I find it a clever way to restrict spam behavior inside the platform. We have gathered all the banned Instagram Hashtags in this article: The updated list of banned Instagram hashtags.

Looking For Instagram Content Ideas?

We all have been there, facing our Instagram feed without any new ideas for captivating posts. Here is a list of Instagram post ideas from our Content Strategy. Enjoy them!

Last month our Instagram engagement reached a new record. We received many private messages and had the pleasure to close some of the best business collaborations for this year. This is a valuable lesson of what really matters in social media.

Don’t worry about how many likes you have or how many new followers you gained. Focus mainly on the engagement interaction, how many people actually comment, save and send you a message for a business request.

Blogging Topics to Make you Smile!

After 90 days of daily blogging, here are the topics that boosted our blog’s global ranking from 1.515.000 to 210.000. No matter how difficult it may look, it’s doable! Pick the general topics and start writing day after day.

As you can imagine the topics define which keywords and key phrases we used throughout our content marketing strategy. Therefore it’s only natural to share with you which keywords we used.

90 Days Blog Topics

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