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+ Easter Vegetarian Recipes

Easter Vegetarian Recipes

Shopping for Easter can be a long affair, requiring you to set aside a wide range of other chores and make time in your schedule. Fortunately is one of my favourite things to do. The challenge is while you are Vegan or Vegetarian. What a Vegan – Vegetarian can eat during Easter?

+ Hummus Recipes by Maninio

Arabic Hummus

The word Hummus is an Arabic word meaning “Chickpeas”. Hummus is a Arab dip or spread that is made from chickpeas that have been cooked, then blended with tahini (a paste from sesame seeds), lemon juice, garlic and salt.

+ Let’s make Chickpeas with Spinach and Sun Dried Tomatoes via Maninio.com

Sunday Evening Recipes

Great food with simple ingredients! Sunday evening recipes with vegetarian superfoods for protein!