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New Year Resolutions Ideas

How Words Affect our Life.
The human brain has evolved over six millions years. The most primitive parts of our brain operate at a deeply unconscious level, and influence a great deal more of our conscious behavior than most of us realize. As we added more complex structures to support critical thought, reasoning, language, and social behavior, our frontal lobe grew larger to accommodate a great workload. However, this part of the brain continues to be cross-wired with the more primitive structures that support survival. This is a simplified explanation of why a dispute at work can generate a “fight or flight” response when our physical survival is not even remotely threatened.


A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in the New Year (Part I)

Time to set your new goals for the New Year!

+ Open your wings and fly ... Life is the gift , be happy!!! Happy New Year!!! by Areti Vassou, IdeaDeco

Happy New Year!

Open your wings and fly! Sky is the limit…

+ Happy New Year in 27 languages

Here’s how you can say Happy New Year in 27 different languages

Happy New Year World in 27 languages!!!