Fiorello Photography is an established brand in Art Wedding Photography and Destination Wedding Photography, both in Greece and Europe since 2010. We are proud to announce the SEO Content Strategy results for Fiorello Photography. Now we are more than excited for the future goals!

When we start designing the brand’s SEO Content Strategy for the period 2018 -2020, we focused on the main market categories that could bring the best business leads and clientele for Fiorello Photography. Destination Weddings in Greece was the top category and Destination Wedding Photography, Fine Art Wedding Photographer, Film Wedding Photographer and Couples Photography were the top sub-categories.

SEO Content Strategy

When the 24 months circle of the personalized SEO Content Strategy was completed the brand was among the top 5 organic results in the main wedding photography market querries. Among other services we sucesfully delivered:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Website & Blog optimization
  • Blog Management
  • Community building
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand voicing across all platforms
  • Newsletter SEO content & management

The brand’s ranking showed a 350% growth within the first 90 days and locked into the top 5 organic results in all search engine machines for 45 wedding industry related keywords. In 12 months the brand reached organically the number 1 – 4 on the first page in Google results for 98 industry related keywords. In 24 months the brand reached organically the number 1 – 4 on the first page in Google results for 153 industry related keywords. The brand’s business growth returned 150% positive results in their clientele and new contracts.

Fiorello Photography Testimonial

Monika Kritikou, Founder Fiorello Photography:

Areti Vassou (CEO & Founder of IDEADECO Agency) is an excellent professional with great talent. She has a deep sense as a Digital Strategist and at the same time, she is a hands-on person that delivers results. Her wide spectrum of knowledge alongside her extensive working experience is a combination that you can rely on bringing the desirable outcome. She is responsible, organized, and at the same time inspirational and a visionary. Consistent, stable, creative, witty… She understands deeply the digital world of marketing and has excellent communications skills. Areti is a person you want in your team in order to achieve your goals.

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