There is a point we all call a beginning but it’s not the same for everyone

Every time I am stepping into something new, there is one question that clears the fog out of my mind.

Here it is: What are you willing to lose to do this?

If it’s not crystal clear within the first minutes then this option is not my cup of tea.

When you are ready to reply and accept the answer without questioning your own choices then, and only then, you are granted the right to call yourself a truly free person.

You don’t need permission from others to make your own choices. But… keep in mind that you ought to yourself to build a safe circle of unbreakable support system, that is 100% financed by your own sources.

Absolutely never depend on others for your financial freedom. Because your financial independence is the oxygen of your free will.

Bang! That point is the beginning of your adult life.

Only that.

Making choices that are guided by your own free will.

Can you really do that?

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