My 2 Cents: Mind the Gap

Not all topics & meetings should be treated with an urgency flag hanging above our heads. Usually, 8 out of 10 online meetings could have been an email. Having said that, let’s admit how important it is to prioritize the value of each topic and meeting before we schedule our next online meetings.

Don’t wait until you reach the end of your rope.

It’s only a matter of choice

Businesses are competing not only for the same customers but also for their good reputation. They can’t afford to be the King’s jester of the digital village. Nobody forgives the brand that has manipulated them.

It’s time to take control of your marketing and your digital behavior. We have passed into a new digital adulthood era where teenage tantrum has no place to be.

Share less. Share better.

Despite the fact that we all are connected to the internet web, I have to remind myself daily that as a society, although we are using Social Media for more than 20 years, there are many people who are not familiar with the true sense of digital connectivity.

Each time I see people or/and brands posting on their Facebook personal accounts, Facebook pages, groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all their social media accounts the same post again & again & again … my mind explodes with boredom.

In situations like this, one question pops up in my head. Why they are doing this? Don’t they know that talking about yourself too much is often a sign of a needy personality that seeks for attention? Who on earth will trust a person or a brand when they are stigmatized as narcissist monsters?

Lost in the safe zone?

We as humans can push forward our elevation only if we are under pressure and in great need of changing the way we do things. Exactly the same happens in the business world. You must break the eggs to make an omelet. So you need to change if you want to play this game!

What Does It Take To Make It Happen?

Just get up, show up and do the hard work.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just a CEO of an SEO Copywriting Agency, not a professional Pastry Chef. But creating new recipes in my line of work has become my second nature.

What I’ve learned so far is that first you learn the rules of the game, then you break them and finally you make your own recipe without seeking any kind of approval.

Can you imagine Hemingway or Plath putting their creativity on hold while reading all existing how-to-be-a-successful-writer guides? No way! Either you write or you don’t write, there is no such thing as a guaranteed way to be successful.

Of course, taking useful courses for writing styling or investing in high-quality education will boost the tools of your existing copywriting charisma but will never make you a famous wordsmith. Doing the hard work of writing will do. Eventually.

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